Rivers Cresting and Requests for Help Ending

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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It seems the Sauk River has reached its crest in Stearns County. The rise has almost come to a halt, coming up only1/100ths of an inch. The river now stands at a flood stage of 8.14 feet. The Mississippi River on the other hand came up a half-foot since last night, now at 9.4 feet, but nearing its crest. Stearns County hasn't received any calls for assistance coming into its flood information hotline since late yesterday afternoon. Requests have quit coming in for the Highway Department to deliver sandbags as well. Throughout the week, the major focus for Stearns County's flooding was the Chain of Lakes, Two Rivers Lake and areas along the Sauk River and the Mississippi River in the City of St. Cloud. Flood response efforts went smoothly in large part to the coordination of efforts with the cities across the County said Emergency Management Director, Marvin Klug, "This time we focused our efforts on working together, rather than individually, consequently we were much more successful." Through the efforts of RSVP, the Retired Seniors Volunteers Program, approximately 100 volunteers were willing to step in and help out with sandbagging and staffing of the Stearns County flood information hotline. "I am very grateful for all the work of RSVP and for all they do for Stearns County," said Klug. Emergency officials do have a safety warning for citizens. Now that there is a return to below freezing weather, residents should be cautious and not walk on ice that may be on standing water because it may not be completely frozen and it could be over deep water. Officials also warn about driving through flood waters because of the potential danger with strong currents.