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Don't let cabin fever get to you

Some people get a lot done i∑n winter. They work on or complete projects or do some cleaning and organizing. However for others, spending time indoors causes frustration and a short temper or cabin fever. The snow and cold of winter can easily bring a case of cabin fever. Cabin fever often strikes along with a big dose of snow or the coldest blast of Arctic winds. It may happen when a person can't leave the house if the plows haven't gone by or when it's too cold to go outdoors. What can you do to cure cabin fever? Here are some ideas as you wait for spring to arrive: • Do some early spring cleaning-then, when spring arrives, you can reward yourself for being done with that job. • Play family games that everyone can take part in and have fun. • Bake cookies or make finger Jell-O food that everyone enjoys. • Plan a special meal and assign everyone part of the preparation. • Do a puzzle and enjoy seeing the picture come to life. • Rent an old movie-or a new one you've been waiting to see-pop some popcorn, and enjoy. • Put pictures in a photo album for others to enjoy. • Snuggle up with a blanket and a good book. • Take a nap-naps can be such a treat when you don't get them very often. • Write a letter or send a card to someone-send it to someone who lives in a warmer climate and doesn't see snow very often-tell them about all the snow. • Organize your work space-whether a desk, kitchen or shop-so you can find things when you need them. • Plan ahead for your spring needs-order seeds or map out a new garden plot. • Attend an auction or other local event-not only can you find something you need for the farm or house, you can socialize, which helps boost your spirits. Winter days don't have to bring cabin fever. Spending time indoors can be a pleasure. Find something you enjoy doing and be thankful you aren't out on the roads in bad weather. Beat cabin fever and enjoy winter.