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Speech Team excels in meet Feb. 14

The sun was just barely cresting the eastern horizon as sixteen blanket-bearing youngsters shuffled single-file to the waiting bus. It was 6:25 a.m. Valentine's Day, and while most of their peers were still dreaming at home in their beds, these young people were off to Swanville to do what causes many of those who still dream to have nightmares. They are the Kimball Speech Team, and they were off to conquer the fear of public speaking, one contest at a time, in Swanville. It was a long, quiet drive except for the morning people, who earned the glares and shushes of the non-morning people (who were still in their pajamas). The roads to Swanville twisted and turned, necessitating this very, very, very early leave time-the slightest foul weather could cause a major delay for this particular meet. But soon enough, they arrived, changed into their battle gear (power suits and great shoes), sugar-up on doughnuts and orange juice, and took on a fear worse than death: public speaking. This past week, two of our verbal warriors were champions in their categories. Chelsey Maus took top honors in Extemporaneous Reading, while Abby Zoller again took first place in Original Oratory. Medals were given to the top three speakers in each category, and honorable mentions to those who excelled but did not place. For Kimball, the following people received honorable mentions: Tyler Dockery, Extemporaneous Reading; Lindsey Pramann, Storytelling; Jenifer Gilpatrick, Humorous; and Shelby Schieflebein, Original Oratory. Individually, all students were awarded points based on their ranking scores in each round and therefore, each student contributed to the total team points regardless of whether they placed or not. For the third out of three weeks, Kimball Speech Team brought home a trophy, earning second place in the medium-team category. Congratulations to the Kimball Speech Team! KAHS speakers travel next to Paynesville on Feb. 21, for their first meet with a final round. The bus leaves at a much more reasonable time of 7:30 a.m.