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Peanut Hold, Hold/Recall Update

"The Minnesota Department of Education contacted the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) this morning (2/6/09).  According to the USDA, there currently is not an expansion of the federal commodity program's peanut hold/recall in Minnesota schools beyond what was announced by the Department of Education last week. The Department of Education will continue to stay in close contact with the USDA and will provide any updates when and if they become available." Randy Wanke, Minnesota Department of Education Communications Director Current Facts: Last week, the Food and Drug Administration announced the expansion of the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) recall.  The recall was expanded to peanut products from Jan. 1, 2007, forward.  The plant is currently closed.  The increased scope now includes a small quantity of peanut butter and both dry and oil-roasted peanuts, which were purchased through the USDA commodity program.   The federal commodity program provides food to schools and other entities at no cost. According to the USDA, one truckload of roasted peanuts in 10-pound cans from Peanut Corporation of America was delivered  for some Minnesota schools on Jan. 15, 2007 and is now  included in the recall/hold. While this is the first alert the department has received regarding peanuts in the USDA commodity program, MDE has been providing continuous updates to Minnesota schools regarding which peanut products have been recalled by the USDA.    Additional information on the Peanut recall is available from the FDA at: and  salmonellatyph.html.