Tricounty News

New display at museum

The Cokato Museum is announces the opening on July 10 of its most recent temporary exhibit, You May Be Seated, highlighting the many houses of worship that have served the people of the Cokato area. Baptists, Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and other groups are all represented in this display, which can be found in the museum's temporary exhibit gallery. This display is not designed to be an in-depth examination of theology or other related topics. It is only intended to underscore the wide variety of religious traditions that have existed in the Cokato area since first European-American settlement more than 150 years ago. You May Be Seated runs though Oct. 31. The Cokato Museum is a cooperative effort of the city of Cokato and the Cokato Historical Society. For more information, call (320) 286-2427, or go to