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Hello from ECFE. Today we are going to talk about play and learning. Many people do not realize everything a child may be learning while at play. They could be learning socialization by playing with others. Physically they are strengthening the muscles they will need for writing in the future. They use their ears to hear things and pick them apart. They could be learning their shapes, colors and counting. All of these things are important to our children's growth. Play is fun, and if it's not boring, it is learning. Here are a few ideas of things to do with your child to encourage learning with play. We are also giving you some recipes for some fun ways to keep your children busy at home. • In a basket or box, gather food containers after you have used the food. Egg cartons, washed out milk cartons, boxes that you have taped back together and cans opened from the bottom with no sharp edges and washed out. These are the beginning for playing store. Some old register tapes and poker chips or play money and a few bags ought to do it. • Save old catalogs, junk mail, postcards, and empty envelopes for playing mailman. A book bag or large purse can be the mailman's bag. • Keep old ribbons and wrapping paper in a box. With your supervision, take it out and give them scissors and let them cut away. Close up the box, label it "cutting box" and take it out on rainy days. Cutting with a scissors helps to strengthen the muscles in their hands getting them ready for writing.  Use your imagination to come up with simple things in the house that cost little or nothing, but will provide hours of fun. Remember that children like to copy adults. Bring out the kettles and spoons and let them pretend to cook. Give them a calculator, paper and pencil and they pretend to balance the checkbook. Give them a play purse and old clothes. They can play dress up and go shopping buying their toys from home. Have fun with it. Here are some fun recipes that are great for toddlers. Try some out, the kids will love them. Kool-Aid Playdough 2 c. water 3 tblsp. oil 1 tsp. alum 2 1/2 c. ?our 1/2 c. salt 2 pkg. Kool-Aid. Mix dry ingredients. Pour in oil and boiling water, stir quickly. Add more ?our if needed until the dough resembles bread dough. When cool knead with hands. Goop 1 part cornstarch 1 part water Food coloring Put mixture on trays or in sensory table. Goop can be reused by adding water to the dried mixture. Glycerine Bubbles 2 c. water 1/2 c. glycerine 1/2 c. liquid soap Did you know that slotted spoons and ?y swatters can make great bubble makers? Try some of these fun and inexpensive alternatives to having fun while learning with your kids. Maggie Lundorff