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School board summary

Nancy Schulzetenberg of Kern, DeWenter, Viere, Ltd. audit firm presented the main points of the fiscal year 2008 audit report on the Kimball school district. Schulzetenberg says one good thing is the district is paying off debt faster than assets are depreciating. One deficiency, though it's not a major issue, but had to be noted was the lack of segregation in accounting duties. To comply, the district would have to hire about two more people, but there are no plans in the future to do so. Schulzetenberg says other districts are noted of this also, so it's not uncommon. She adds there is a very good management of the budget. "Overall good audit and the business office is doing a good job," Schulzetenberg says. Superintendent John Tritabaugh added the school is taking the steps forward and heading in the right direction. For celebration and success of students and staff, elementary school Principal Jon Clark gave the names of the October students of the month: • Kindergarten - Brianna O'Brien • First grade - Kylie Carlson • Second grade - Zach Schiefelbein • Third grade - Bryce Gehrke • Fourth grade - Brandon LaFave • Fifth grade - Shay Krippner • Sixth grade - Skyler Schiefelbein Tabitha Mortenson (high school) and Denise Nusbaum (elementary school) will be honored at a program Oct. 29 for Leadership in Educational Excellence.  Tara Matthiesen was recognized for her work in youth leadership through the community education program. The Soil's Team is advancing to the Future Farmers of America. High school report: Principal Erik Widvey says the Sept. 24 honors breakfast had the best turnout. Oct. 15 - Church of Christ at 2:30, nine high school seniors as youth leaders are talking to the seventh grade class about not bullying. Oct. 30 - end of first quarter Elementary school report: Oct. 24 - Grandparent's Day at 1:30 Principal Jon Clark also brought up to the council that kindergarten student enrollment numbers could range 54 to 60 students. That means 27 to 30 students per section, which is high for a kindergarten class. Clark said depending on how enrollment goes, possibly adding a third section of kindergarten. Superintendent John Tritabaugh discussed the district's substitute pay rates compared to other district's pay rates. Other districts range $90 to $113 per day, while Kimball pays $85 per day. It was brought to a vote and passed that effective Nov. 1 the district's substitute teachers pay rate is increased to $90 per day. In one of the committee reports one discussion was brought up about the '09-'10 school year calendar. Next year's first day of school is Sept. 8, a later date compared to this year. Another report discussion was about rearranging the sport fields, looking at short-term and long-term solutions, and it's something the school board and city council need to work on together. The treasurer and quarterly reports were presented and there were no major issues. One surprise though was the district budgeted to receive about $10,000 from game patrons, and received about $11,000. The council approved the food contract with Jessica Zack to supervise Speech/Language Clinical Fellowship certificate. Without this certificate the school would not be able to do third-party billing and collect revenue from the services. Council also approved Jody Pope's medical leave of absence for four to six weeks. Finally, the council approved the snow removal bid for the rate changes. The prices are about the same as two years ago so there was no major difference in price. A final discussion brought to attention was open gym availability. The booster club is running open gyms. When it was originally cancelled, it was thought to be because of budget cuts, but instead, a staffing issue. As of last Sunday, open gym is available now Sunday nights.