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The meeting was called to order by Chair Laabs at 6:30 p.m. All members except Dockery were present. Member Dockery arrived at 6:33. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance.  Motion by Helgeson, seconded by Peglow to approve the agenda as presented. MC Celebrations and successes of students and staff included kudos to Robin for keeping up on the articles in the Tri-County News. Anthony Laabs and Karl Hunt, along with two young men from Eden Valley-Watkins were featured in a story in this week's Tri-County News regarding football at Central Lakes College in Brainerd. Volleyball had a big win on the 11th over Maple Lake and again on the 15th over Swanville. All survived the week of Homecoming. The District golf team consisting of John Tritabaugh, Jon Clark, Erik Widvey, Bruce Holmseth, and Jay Klein took third place at the Kimball Sports Boosters Golf Tournament Sept. 6. Mr. Clark reported on elementary students completing NWEA testing. The first grade will be taking their final tests on the 18th. Everyone at the elementary appreciates the board's action at the August meeting approving 1.5 FTE at the elementary. Patty Bauerly and Stacy Helgeson were able to come in and take off with no delays in instruction. Mr. Clark had just returned from the RTI (Response To Intervention) conference held in Rochester. Mr. Clark stated that this was the best conference he had been to in a long time. Mr. Widvey reiterated the quality RTI conference he too had been at. There was a lot of good material and information that they were able to bring back. He is anxious to be able to implement these things. Open House went very well. He estimates approximately 300 students attended along with many parents. The start of this school year has been fantastic. The morale of the students is awesome. Homecoming went well. He feels that the junior/senior war was not quite as visible as has been in previous years. He, Jon Clark, and Peggy Trimble have met to put together the testing schedule for the year. Retesting dates have been scheduled for October. Superintendent Tritabaugh reported on a letter with attachments provided in regards to contesting a request for leave and the number of renewals that have been allowed. Mr. Tritabaugh will continue to work on this matter and keep the board updated on the outcome. Upcoming meetings are Stearns County Family Services Collaborative on 9/24, Meet and Confer on 10/8, next regular board meeting on 10/8.  Community items included notification from the fire department that the blue house on the corner of highways 15 and 55 will be burned on Sept. 20. Committee reports included Health & Safety - Stenger and Clark, Curriculum Advisory - Zipoy, SEE - Laabs.  Member Laabs shared a communication received from Berkley Risk indicating several items in need of repair or replacement in the shop area. Eric Peterson is working with the insurance representative to resolve these problems. After review of the listed bills, motion by Stenger, seconded by Helgeson to approve payment for a total of $330,811.77 of which $204,390.59 was an interest payment on the high school bond. MC Motion by Peglow, seconded by Stenger to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried with Helgeson abstaining. The consent agenda included: Approve minutes of Aug. 20, 2008, board meeting. Accept check for $200 from the State Bank of Kimball for FFA students assisting at cookout. Accept donation of $1500 from American Legion Post #261 toward wrestling room improvements. Accept donation of $300 from Fire Trak, to cover cost   of school ad in Kimball Resource Guide.  Accept donation of $120 from Abbott Northwestern from student physicals. Approve hiring of Stacy Helgeson at a .5 contract for second grade beginning Sept. 8, 2008, at BA Lane, Step 0. Approve reinstatement of Amy Serbus, Category II, Step 1 of the non-licensed schedule, for 6.75 hours per day, beginning Sept. 11, 2008. The treasurer's report for August was reviewed and discussed. Motion by Peglow, seconded by Zipoy to accept the letter of resignation for the purpose of retirement received from Peggy Trimble, District Coordinator of Federal and State Programs. The acceptance was made with much gratitude for the many years of service Peggy has provided the district. She is invited to stop in any time, especially at testing season. Ms. Trimble will truly be missed by administration, staff, and students. MC Motion by Stenger, seconded by Helgeson to approve Sam Rossman as 9th grade football coach. Mr. Rossman was inadvertently missed when assignments were approved in August. MC Mr. Tritabaugh reviewed the Annual Report on Curriculum and Instruction reminding the board that this is essentially a re-cap  of the previous school year, 2007-2008. A request to change the wording of the geography bee highlight was made. Motion by Dockery, seconded by Peglow to approve the Annual Report with corrections. MC Mr. Tritabaugh reviewed the 2008 Payable 2009 Levy Certification report. He explained that because the elementary building bond will be paid off in February of 2009, local taxes will see a reduction. Because the total levy is reduced by more than 1.06 percent the District is not required to hold the Truth in Taxation hearing scheduled for Dec. 3. Motion by Helgeson, seconded by Dockery to approve certifying the Maximum on the 2008 Pay 2009 Levy. Upon roll call vote, Zipoy, Helgeson, Peglow, Dockery, Stenger, and Laabs voted in favor. None voted against. MC Request for lane change has been received from Dennis Abernathy - BA+30 to MA+15, Cathy Grant - BA+30 to BA+60, Andrea Welter - MA+15 to MA+30, and Melissa Winter - BA+15 to MA. Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Helgeson to approve these lane changes. MC Policy DIBA - Student Activities Fund Management was presented with revisions. The primary revision was adding language regarding vending machine proceeds. This policy provides for proceeds from the vending machines with student access to be deposited in Secondary Activity Account #81. There were also some minor changes to account titles. Motion by Peglow, seconded by Stenger to approve policy DIBA as revised. Policy EEC - Student Transportation Safety was brought forward with revisions. Primary revisions provided for language required with the use of Type III vehicles (school vans) and the requirements of staff to be able to drive these vehicles. Motion by Helgeson, seconded by Zipoy to approve policy EEC as presented. MC A final draft of the facilities policy was brought forward for board approval. Mr. Tritabaugh presented language relating to the potential cost of facility use, requirements for groups using the buildings, and supervision needs. Motion by Stenger, seconded by Helgeson to approve the Facilities Use Policy with revisions as noted. MC Motion by Peglow, seconded by Stenger to adjourn at 8:48 p.m. Robin Dockery, clerk Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008.