Tricounty News

C-squad loses to BBE

On Thursday, at home, the Cubs C-team played a very close match against the BBE Jaguars. The Cubs struggled to get their game going and consequently the Jags kept with the Cubs and made it two close games and a close match. Kimball lost by only 2 points in each of the games 23-25. We needed our serves to get our attack game going and we were unsuccessful by only serving 44 of 57 times for 77 percent and only eight ace serves mainly because of the fact that BBE was good at digging. Our attack game was also weak as we only earned six kills with five assists and we blocked only three times. Successes on the night were 12 for 12 serving from Olivia Fischer; Melody Rose was eight for eight and one ace, and Megan Libbesmeier was nine for 10 with three ace serves, the six kills went to Steph Konz, and Megan Libbesmeier and Erin Dingmann each had three assists. The Cubs final match of the season is Tuesday the 14th at Rockford. Go Cubs! Kim Pelzer, coach