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Cross country takes first place

The Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball cross country girls varsity took first place at the Irish Invitational meet Aug. 28. Three girls finished in the top 10 - Tanya Maciejewski, second with a time of 17:28; Molly Hesse, fourth in 14:49; Justine Hilsgen, eighth in 18:20; Renee Berg, 13th in 18:41; Kelsey Vigoren, 30th in 20:25; Nicollette Eisenreich, 53rd in 26:32;   and Julie Lochen, 54th in 27.19. Varsity team results were: 1. Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball, 57 points; 2. Maple Lake, 71 points; 3. Dassel-Cokato, 102 points; 4. Watertown-Mayer, 113 points; 5. Rockford, 124 points; 6. Delano, 132 points; 7. Royalton, 176 points. There were three complete girls JV teams: 1. St. John's Prep, 27 points; 2. Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball, 76 points; 3. Royalton, 92 points. Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball JV runners were: Jennifer Notch, eighth with 21:09; Bethany Libbesmeier, 10th with 21:15; Madeline VanderMay, 11th with 22:18; Alex Theis, 23rd with 24:26; Brooke Mertens, 24th with 25:49; Kristina Mackereth, 25th with 26:04; Paige Peglow, 27th with 26:55; Cassandra Loch, 28th with 26:58; Bridget Billo, 29th with 27:20; and Natalie Whitcomb, 31st with 30:37. The junior high didn't have any complete team. Raelynn Callander finished third with 11:18; Rose Ruprecht 12th with 12:51; Kaylyn Mancini 18th with 15:31; and Ashley Trout 19th with 15:32. Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball boys varsity runners were Nick Koltes, who finished 50th with a time of 26:19, and Nathan McCann, 52nd with a time of 27:20. At BBE Sept. 4, the cross country team traveled to Brooten for the BBE Invitational meet. There were 17 teams taking part in the meet; 10 who were in our section. The Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball varsity girls results were: Justine Hilsgen, ninth, 16:03; Sarah Powell, 85th, 21:52; Paige Peglow, 87th, 23:58; Julie Lochen, 88th, 24:00; Cassandra Loch, 89th, 24:14; Nicollette Eisenreich, 90th, 27:34; and Bridget Billo, 91st, 27:35.  Girls varsity team results were: 1. Paynesville, 65 points; 2. Albany, 81 points; 3. Montevideo, 93 points; 4. Sauk Centre, 108 points; 5. NLS, 126 points; 6. Minnewaska, 162 points; 7. Redwood Valley, 177 points; 8. Benson, 198 points; 9. Litchfield, 208 points; 10. St. John's Prep, 284 points; 11. Morris Area, 328 points; 12. RCW, 352 points; 13. Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball, 358 points. There were four incomplete teams. The Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball JV girls individual results were: 1. Tanya Maciejewski, 16:17; 2. Molly Hesse, 17:12; 5. Renee Berg, 17:58; 7. Kelsey Vigoren, 18:13; 21. Jennifer Notch, 19:39; 22. Madeline VanderMay, 19:40; 24. Beth Libbesmeier, 19:48; 37. Alex Theis, 22:11; 43. Brooke Mertens, 23:39; 44. Kristina Mackereth, 23:51; and 45. Natalie Whitcomb, 26:14. The JV girls took first place with 36 points. The junior high girls finished fifth with 127 points. Individual runners were: Raelynn Callander, sixth, 12:43; Rose Ruprecht, 21st, 14:13; Kaylyn Mancini, 30th, 15:28; Ashley Trout, 32nd, 16:07; and Emily Whitcomb, 38th, 18:20. The junior high girls ran 2900 meters, a longer distance than they ran at Maple Lake.  Nick Koltes finished 38th, with a time of 22:49 and Nathan McCann finished 40th with a time of 22:55 in the JV boys race. All the Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball runners improved their times from the Maple Lake meet. The next meet will be Monday, Sept. 8, at the Annandale Whispering Pines Golf Course. Start time: 4:15 p.m. There are two meets this week. The second meet will be Thursday, sept. 11, at 4:30 p.m. at the Little Crow Golf Course for the New London-Spicer Invitational. The following week will be our home meet at the Kimball Golf Course, Thursday, Sept. 18, at 4:15 p.m. We will also be hosting the CMC meet Oct. 9 at the Kimball Golf Course. Varsity and junior varsity girls run 2.5 miles (4000 meters). Varsity and junior varsity boys run 3.1 miles (5000 meters). Junior high girls and boys races vary in length. This year, we have 14 returning letter winners. Team captains are Kelsey Vigoren, Bridget Billo and state entrant Justin Hilsgen. Terry Nelson Assistant coach