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Severe weather season

Are you ready? The beginning of spring is also the beginning of our severe weather season. Stearns County's Emergency Management Department is promoting the protection and safety of everyone in Stearns County. To prepare citizens each spring, Emergency Management promotes "Severe Weather Awareness Week" with these goals in mind: to remind citizens that spring weather can bring danger as well as relief; to build awareness of hazards and the importance of being prepared; to encourage participation in the statewide tornado drill. April 21-25 is Severe Weather Awareness Week, a time to remind citizens about inevitable storms, lightning, wind, floods and tornadoes, and to provide people with information necessary to protect their lives when severe weather threatens. During "Severe Weather Awareness Week", there is a different safety topic highlighted each day: thunderstorms, hail, lightning and straight-line winds; severe weather watches and warnings; floods; the statewide tornado drill Thursday at 1:45 p.m. and 6:55 p.m. (Practice by knowing where your storm shelters are at work and at home); and heat waves. Visit Stearns County's Web site at or the State Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management at to get personal safety and preparedness tips.