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EV-W-K track: boys take first, girls take third

The Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball combined track team attended their first outdoor meet of the season at ACGC Tuesday, April 3. It was the "ACGC Early Bird" track meet.

Boys' team standings were as follows: EV-W-K first, BBE second, ACGC third, BOLD fourth, Paynesville fifth, and St. Cloud Christian sixth. Of the total of 665 points for all teams, EV-W-K scored 236 points. (By comparison, the second-place team, BBE, scored 120 points.) There are 36 boys on the team roster.

EV-W-K boys took fourth in the 4x800-meter relay; third in the 4x200-meter relay; third in the 4x100-meter relay; and second in the 4x400-meter relay.

Girls' team standings were: Paynesville first, BOLD second, EV-W-K third, ACGC fourth, BBE fifth, and St. Cloud Christian sixth. Of the 653 points total for all teams, EV-W-K scored a respectable 135, only 4 points away from first-place Paynesville. There are 65 girls on the team roster.

EV-W-K girls took third place in the 4x800-meter relay; fifth in the 4x200-meter relay; FIRST in the 4x100-meter relay; and second in the 4x400-meter relay.

EV-W-K won half of the individual events in the meet. Notable individual performances were by:

Tiffany Kuechle placed sixth in the girls' 100-meter hurdles, with Abbey Straley seventh, Emily Donnay ninth, Emma Kuechle 10th, Erica McCann 11th, Mackenzie Field 12th, and Montana Tschida 13th.

Nathan McCann, FIRST in boys' 110-meter hurdles; Connor Wittenberg was third.

Kaylee Forcier placed sixth in the girls' 100-meter dash; Holly Loch was 11th, Tiffany Kuechle was 14th, Maddie Gasper 15th, Julia Stotz 18th, Ariel Laabs 23rd, Madeleine Geislinger 24th, Ashley DeJuliannie 29th, Kaitlyn Gruber 30th, Katie Nelson and Kate Loeher 31st, Madisyn Helfenstein 34th, Chelsey Berthel 35th, Nicole Kerzman 36th, Amanda Trout 37th, Nissa Peterson 38th, Caitlin Carr 39th, Mary Petermann 40th, and Mine Phensari 41st.

Joe James placed FIRST in the boys' 100-meter dash; Torey Rohloff was third, Donte Hirman eighth, Alex Schoenwetter 10th, Keith Estes 11th, Shadly Callahan 14th, Raaheem Leach 15th, Cody Schlangen 18th, and Tyler Heiss 19th.

Marissa Johnson placed 10th in the girls' 1600-meter run; Grace Kopitzke was 11th, and Kendra Atherton was 15th.

Cold Sanders placed third in the boys' 1600-meter run; Tyler Swafford was 14th, James Gathje 15th, and James Lovell 16th.

Kayla Overland placed seventh in the girls' 400-meter dash; Erika Johnson was 10th, Janessa Dahle 12th, and Erin Diffley 13th.

Donte Hirman placed first in the boys' 400-meter dash; Brandon Lichte was second, and Shadly Callahan fourth.

Molly Hesse placed third in the girls' 300-meter hurdles; Emily Donnay was fifth, Abbey Straley sixth, Emma Kuechle ninth, Erica McCann 10th, Madeleine Geislinger 11th, and Courtney Geislinger 13th.

Connor Wittenberg placed first in the boys' 300-meter hurdles; Nathan McCann was third.

Breana Klabunde placed fourth in the girls' 800-meter run; Andi Schiefelbein was fifth, Chelsey Berthel sixth, and Maria Donnay eighth.

Shadly Callahan placed fifth in the boys' 800-meter run; Luke Serbus was seventh, Brandon Lichte eighth, Austyn Schlueter ninth, James Gathje 12th, Tyler Swafford 13th, and James Lovell 17th.

Kaylee Forcier placed fourth in the girls' 200-meter dash; Madison Hurrle was fifth, Denzel Atherton 10th, Teresa Bautch and Julia Stotz tied at 11th, Holly Loch 17th, Taeya Rohloff 18th, Erika Johnson 20th, and 22nd through 32nd places were taken by Madeleine Geislinger Kaitlyn Gruber, Janessa Dahle, Montana Tschida, Nicole Kerzman, Abby Flaschenriem, Nissa Peterson, Erin Diffley, Mary Petermann, Caitlin Carr, and Mine Phensari.

Austin Pelkey took first in the boys' 200-meter dash; Torey Rohloff took fourth, Cornell Crider sixth, Donte Hirman seventh, Keith Estes ninth, Alex Schoenwetter 15th, and Raaheem Leach 17th.

Lexi Pauls took fourth place in the girls' 3200-meter run.

Erik Mares took fourth in the boys' 3200-meter run.

Morgan Meyer placed third in the girls' high jump; Tiffany Kuechle took fourth, Madison Hurrle ninth, and Emma Kuechle 10th.

Connor Wittenberg took first in the boys' high jump; Nathan McCann took fourth, Raaheem Leach fifth, and Cody Schlangen sixth.

Sam Stuve took first in the girls' pole vault; Molly Hesse and Denzel Atherton tied for 10th.

Erik Mares took third in boys' pole vault; Dustin Mancini took sixth.

Morgan Meyer took third in girls' long jump; Brittany Hesse took fifth, Kaylee Forcier eighth, Abbey Straley 10th, Holly Loch 14th, Teresa Bautch 15th, Noelle Hesse 18th, Clarissa Roy 19th, Julia Stotz 22nd, and Chelsey Berthel 27th.

Austin Pelkey took second in boys' long jump; Brandon Lichte took fifth, Donte Hirman seventh, Torey Rohloff eighth, Alex Schoenwetter ninth, and Cornell Crider 18th.

Kaylee Forcier took fourth in girls' triple jump, and Abbey Straley took seventh.

Connor Wittenberg took first in boys' triple jump.

Casey Schlangen took third in girls' discus throw; Allie Seth took eighth, Ariel Laabs 11th, Raven Wilner 14th, Maria Donnay 20th, Teresa Bautch 23rd, Caitlin O'Brien 27th, Rose Ruprecht 28th, and Sofie Linulf 30th.

Austyn Schlueter took first in boys' discus throw; Jesse Hedlund took third, Brandon Anderson fifth, Dallas Newman 11th, Adam Laabs 12th, Josh Miller 13th, Jacob Leither 14th, Ted Zipoy 15th, Tyler Smith 18th, and Tyler Anderson 20th.

Raven Wilner took fourth in girls' shot put; Casey Schlangen took fifth, Allie Seth sixth, Ariel Laabs 10th, Maria Donnay 17th, Caitlin O'Brien 22nd, Rose Ruprecht 27th, and Sofie Linulf 32nd.

Brandon Anderson took first in boys' shot put; Austyn Schlueter took second, Jesse Hedlund fourth, Adam Laabs sixth, Jacob Leither 14th, Tyler Smith 16th, Ted Zipoy 17th, Dallas Newman 18th, Tyler Anderson 19th, and Josh Miller 21st.