Tricounty News

Meeker County 4-H Federation

Summer time is soon here and Meeker County 4-H has a camp for you. I wish I had a horse camp, mystery day camp by the ambassadors, and overnight camp in Morris, were just a few talked about at the March 19 Federation meeting. The county fundraiser was wrapped up. A total of profit of $5,600 was earned from selling fruit and candy as a county fundraiser. Good job and thank you to everyone who sold and bought! Shooting Sports practices will be starting soon. The rabbit and dairy bowl teams will be heading to state project bowl in Foley April 21. Congratulations to Jennifer Schiefelbein for receiving the Minnesota 4-H Adult Volunteer Association's Outstanding Adult Volunteer Award. Mandatory Horse Project meetings are on March 22, and April 10. Just a reminder that ABATE will be Aug. 24, and 25. All livestock ID's are due May 15, and Dairy goat jr. kids are due July 1. Before this meeting, the foodstand and exhibit building committees and an ambassadors meeting were held. After this meeting, the Dassel Lamplighters and Danielson Hustlers provided yummy snacks and a livestock committee meeting followed shortly after that. The next Federation meeting is May 21.