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DNR state forest nurseries announce spring seedling sale

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) state forest nurseries are gearing up for their spring seedling sale and have available a wide variety of native, bareroot conifer and hardwood tree and shrub seedlings. Specialty packets, such as the wild turkey and grouse packets, are also available and include a mixture of tree and shrub seedlings that will attract wildlife to your forest.

The nurseries are taking orders now for April and May pickup and delivery. Anyone interested in purchasing seedlings can call (800) 657-3767, or visit

forestry/nurseries, for tree seedling order forms. By law, a minimum of 500 seedlings must be purchased and vary in price from $110 to $290, depending on the species ordered.

Craig VanSickle, nursery supervisor, estimates that Badoura and General Andrew nurseries lifted a million seedlings last fall and will lift another million this spring for 2012 sales.

In addition, this is the last year 1-year-old seedlings are available.

Seedlings can be used for reforestation, improving wildlife habitat, creating shelterbelts, protecting water quality using green buffers and cleaning the air by removing carbon dioxide.

Minnesota law states that seedlings purchased from state nurseries can only be planted in Minnesota and cannot be resold, given away, used for ornamental purposes or removed with roots attached for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.

"Time is running out for private landowners to purchase seedlings from the state forest nurseries," said VanSickle. "New legislation bans the sale of seedlings to private landowners after 2014."