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Dan-o reels in some whoppers in Mexico

Every-other year, Dan Dammann and his wife Becky vacation at the same resort in Mazatln, Mexico. In their day, John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway fished there a lot. That's a big part of the area's charm.

And perhaps that was Dan's inspiration for a fishing trip of his own.

Dan met a brother and sister vacationing at the same resort, and the three decided to take a fishing adventure. They happened upon "Fishing Pepe's Fleet" at the marina near the resort, and off they went.

It was St. Patrick's Day. Extra lucky, Dan thinks.

Dan caught two of the three fish caught by the threesome that day. Together they caught a 7-foot Mako shark, and two Marlins measuring 8 feet and 9 feet. (Dan caught the larger Marlin, and he caught the shark too.)

The shark was released. The crew, it seems, didn't want to deal with it. The two Marlins were brought onto the boat.

Dan explained that on their return to the marina, the boat crew put up flags to indicate their catch of the day: the three trophy fish.

"It was a big deal as you come into the marina," Dan said, adding that the flags drew applause and cheering as the boat approached the marina.

"It was fun!" he said, more than once.

"I don't have to do it again," Dan said, adding that he can cross this off his list.

Meanwhile, Becky Dammann spent the day at the resort, relaxing by the pool. Fishing for Marlin just wasn't on her list.

What happened to the Marlins? Parts of them were brought to a restaurant and cooked for the group for dinner. (Cindy, as it happens, is a seafood chef.) The remainder of the trophy fish were given to the crew on the boat.

Dan was born with cerebral palsy. He used crutches most of his life, but now uses a motorized wheelchair. He said he's never felt un-safe in Mexico, and there is a daily, direct flight from Minnea-polis to Mazatln.

So, what is Dan's next planned adventure? Skydiving, of course. Either this year or next, Dan says.