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It takes a lot of eggs to make breakfast for 1,200

Exactly 1,189 individuals came through the doors of the Kimball Area Fire Hall Palm Sunday morning, April 1, for breakfast. Not just any breakfast, but the 35th annual Kimball Fireman's Relief Association Pancake & Sausage Breakfast.

Pancakes and sausage, plus French toast and scrambled eggs. Five thousands eggs in all to feed the expected crowd. But they were ready. Extra tables were added, too, to better accommodate feeding nearly 250 people every hour.

This annual breakfast, each Palm Sunday, is the primary fundraiser for the Kimball Area Fire and Rescue Department. The funds raised have been used for various equipment like a rescue boat and heat-sensing firefighting helmets. This is equipment that is used in the Kimball fire district (which is quite a bit larger than the city of Kimball alone). It may keep firefighters safer, or let them do their jobs more efficiently. The bottom line is that it helps each resident, building, and personal property within the fire district, all while using little or no tax money to pay for it.

This is why their breakfast slogan each year is "A breakfast that could save a life!"

Last year, breakfast funds purchased six automated external defibrillators, in partnership with the six local churches where they were installed.

This year, the breakfast money will be used to purchase new extricating equipment for the department. Fire and rescue personnel use special, powerful cutters to cut through cars to quickly extricate accident victims, to get them out of the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible. Our newer cars (since about 2004 for foreign cars, and since about 2007 for domestic cars) use a new high-strength steel that contains boron. The standard extrication cutters simply can't cut this new steel. But a new version of the cutters can. A set of the new extrication equipment costs about $32,000.

Kimball Fire Chief John Gohmann loves to get a lot for a little when it comes to equipping the department. He has saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars by obtaining grants that have helped to pay for training, turn-out gear, and more. He also has a knack for finding great deals on trucks and other equipment.

The Kimball Fire and Rescue Department could be the envy of many small towns. It has a group of hard-working and dedicated volunteers firefighters and rescuers. It has state-of-the-art training and equipment. And, perhaps more important, it enjoys tremendous support and appreciation from all corners of the communities it serves.

Thank you, KFD!

Photo by Shota Kuprava