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Preschool is off to a great start

My name is Hannah Wruck and it is my first year teaching for the Kimball Elementary School. I have three classes and we are very busy and we are working very hard.

We started the year learning about bus and school safety. Our first unit is "Families" and "All about Me". We sing a song about the parts of the body, and have been learning how to draw a more complete body. We try to start with the head. Our letter work focuses on knowing the letters in our names by name and writing them. The students love singing the letter song to help remind us where to start our letters. "Start your letters at the top, at the top. Start your letters at the top, at the top."

We have made costumes to act out the story "The Gingerbread Man" for our parents during Literacy Week, Nov. 10 and 11. Each child has his own character to play, and has created his own individual outfit to show off. The children are looking forward to presenting the play and will be surprised and happy to take their costumes and a copy of the book home at the end of the day.

I have many classroom helpers to help assist me with daily tasks. The children have enjoyed the "share bag" job. One child in each class gets to bring the share bag home and bring three to four items to share with us. It is a great opportunity to learn about individuals, ask "wh" questions (What? Why? When? Who?), and about taking turns. I also have a line leader who will show the class the way to the bathroom, library, gym and playground. The children are excited to see their names posted as a helper for the day.

Center time is the favorite part of the day. During this time, children can choose from a variety of activities. They can play with play dough, write on the chalkboard, play house, build with blocks, play in the sensory table, trace their name, read a story, do puzzles and do art. The sensory table has had many different materials in it such as: water to wash babies, golf tees to pound into pumpkins, popcorn seeds with scoops, green grass with creepy bugs and tongs, sand with shovels and items to hide and coffee grounds with cars. Each of these activities are selected to build strong muscles that are used in writing. They also enjoy art time. We have painted with shaving cream, marble painted, created bats, and water colored. Our goal in this level is to experience many varieties of materials, without too much focus on the object we are making. However, that does not mean that our students are not very proud of their projects!

We are preparing for the fall parent-teacher conference which will let parents know what skills are already present for being ready for Kindergarten. Lso will see what we'll be working on for the rest of the year.

With that in mind, there are many more exciting adventures to come in preschool!! Feel free to stop in or call if you have a four or five year old who is getting ready for Kindergarten next year. Have a happy Holiday Season!!

Hannah Wruck,

Preschool Teacher

(320) 398-7700 Ext. 218.