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Kimball district money from 'Jobs' Bill

By now, most of you have probably heard that 'School districts are getting money from the Federal Jobs Bill,' and that is true. Here are the regulations which districts must follow in order to receive and use that money:

One-time money 2010-2011 school year

¥ Rehire staff or hire new staff for educational programs and positions

¥ Approximately $118,000 for Kimball Area Schools

¥ If not used, district receives nothing

So, what does this money mean for Kimball Area Schools? It has no effect on why the operating levy is needed. The levy is intended for dollars for the district for school year 2011-2012 and beyond. The levy is about the future and this one-time money is about just this current school year.

What are some of the plans for this money in the Kimball Area Schools? Paraprofessionals are being hired, for this school year, in Kindergarten and Fourth Grade. A part-time office staff person is being hired at the Elementary to provide better coverage in the office and free up some nursing time for beneficial health services. At the senior high building a.43 FTE math-licensed person is being hired to help those students having difficulty with math and passing the required state testing.

All of the hiring being done is for this school year and is being done to help benefit the educational and health services for students.

If you have questions about this money or information, please contact John Tritabaugh at (320) 398-5585, Extension 332.