Tricounty News


Meeting was called to order at 10:04 a.m.   Council members present: Tammy Konz, DuWayne Orbeck, Eric Loewen, Joe Krippner. Council member Janski arrived at 10:05. Others present: Sara Krippner, Chris Jeppesen. Tammy explained that after the Monday night's council meeting, where we determined the council would have to get involved with Kimball Days, she called Chris Jeppesen. Chris had informed her that letters and venders should have been contacted already with information. Tammy decided the process had to quickly move forward and Sara Krippner called her and was willing to take the job as Kimball Days Coordinator. Chris Jeppesen explained that we first needed to call a meeting regarding Kimball Days. Do we want fireworks? Fireworks was always determined, if we had enough donations, and we don't know that at this point. Chris Jansky will call Mark Jansky to see if he is still interested and we will decide from there. Chris Jeppesen advised us to get letters out to any participants and proof of insurance is essential. Tammy will talk to St. Anne's Church regarding the use of the parking 1ot. MnDot has to be contacted and all the proper paperwork needs to be filled out as far as closing down Highway 15 for the parade. Kimball Schools require we fill out a form for the use of the building and the money for that is paid by firemen's relief. DuWayne is working on the band and Tammy will get a letter to him to be sent out. We broke the three days down into categories as to work responsibilities and who to contact. Sara Krippner was asked after all the discussion, if she was still willing to take the job as Kimball Days Coordinator. She said she would. Tammy asked for a motion to approve Sara Krippner as Kimball Days Coordinator. Motion made by Jansky/Loewen. M.C. With Krippner obstaining. Motion made by Loewen/Jansky that Sara Krippner and Chris Jeppesen have access to the Kimball City office computer and office files and that Sara may transfer that information to a second computer. M.C. with Krippner obstaining. Chris Jeppesen recommended we choose a Grand Marshal for the parade. Eric thought of Carl and Irene Hoffinan. We all agreed, and Chris will contact Carl to see if he is interested.   National night out was discussed and do we want to continue this. Chris Jeppesen would be willing to do it for a little compensation. Motion Loewen/Janski to offer Chris Jeppesen $100 for compensation to do Community night out again for Kimball. M.C. Chris Jansky asked about letters going out on weed control. Tammy had talked to Chad and to Jim Frilstad and that they were in the process of getting a list together and asked us for any observation. Chris and Eric had a few areas to bring to Chad's attention. The letter sent from Tim Young, which we all received in the mail, was discussed. Everyone liked what they had and we discussed what the fee would be for permission to go into ponds.   Motion Jansky/Krippner to adopt permit agreement for the city-owned drainage pond in Maus addition with the permit fee rate at $50. M.C. Tammy had talked to another city about their Banyon System and how it was working for their city. The idea was also noted that they go out for bids every year for attorney, auditor, building inspector or any other services. This could possibly save our city a lot of money although we would loose our consistency we are accustomed to. We will look at this in the falL   Tamny and Joe both will not be able to have a personnel meeting on Thursday June 12, 2008. Tammy will be gone and Joe has a previous commitment. We will get together soon and continue everything as we did last year with the same evaluation forms. The personnel committee was given the direction to start a job description for office help. We are looking for someone with financial background or good with numbers. Someone who is willing to lean1 and has good people skills. The question was asked if Jim Frilstad had gotten any more inquiries regarding prosecuting attorneys. Tammy will ask him to let us know. Motion by Orbeck/Loewen to adjourn at 11:20. M.C. Respectfully Submitted, Tammy Konz Mayor/Acting Clerk