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City seeks funding for projects, will enforce bar laws

Minnesota Senator Michelle Fischbach attended this week's Kimball City Council meeting June 2. (Minn. Rep. Larry Hosch is scheduled to attend the June 16 meeting.) Fischbach came prepared to discuss this year's Legislative session. She left with a list of requests from the city of Kimball. It is safe to say that the Kimball council, as a whole, is tired of being overlooked when it comes to grants, bonds, and state and county funding. While communities around us are getting millions of dollars for various infrastructure projects, Kimball has been turned down for even the smallest of projects (like a $25,000 crosswalk signal at Hazel and Main, in front of city hall and the public library). Fischbach agreed that Kimball should seek (and get) more funding for needed projects, and she offered her assistance in getting bonding money for Kimball, especially in following up when state agencies don't respond to Kimball's requests. Police chief Jim Frilstad would like, in addition to a crosswalk signal at Hazel and Main, to have the speed limit through town reduced to 25 m.p.h. Crossing Main Street is hazardous for pedestrians, and Kimball police have issued tickets to drivers who do not stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk. He reported, though, that they cannot issue tickets to drivers within the speed limit unless a pedestrian steps off the curb into the crosswalk. He believes a reduced speed limit in town will help drivers, especially semi drivers, stop safely for pedestrians at that corner. Frilstad also addressed complaints about the bars on Main Street. Now that winter is over, there are more complaints about broken glass and cigarette butts all along Main Street. Bar owners have been asked to clean up, and to uphold the law that does not allow drinks (in any type of container) to be taken outside of the bar. Kimball police will continue to issue citations to bar patrons who violate that law. Kimball police will also enforce bar-closing time, and will issue tickets to both customers and bar owners who are in violation.  Kimball police plans to recommend an ordinance for use of ATVs,   dirt bikes, and golf carts in Kimball. Noise ordinance signs have been ordered and will soon be installed at the north and south ends of town.   The council approved the combining and refinancing of two existing bonds. There will be a small increase in taxes short-term, but the city should save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the 20 years of the new bond. The new bond was financed by the State Bank of Kimball and United Bankers Bank. Once approved (usually at the next council meeting), Kimball city council meeting minutes are available on-line at Video of meetings since February soon also will be available on-line.  Kimball city council meetings are open to the public, and anyone may attend. They are held at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday each month, in Kimball city hall. An open forum is part of each meeting, although time is limited for those not on the agenda. Call the city office at (320) 398-2725.