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Protect pets from summer sun

You would never dream of leaving your child outside in the summer sun for several hours without protection, so why would you leave your pet out there? Sun protection is important-even for the furry members of our family. Many people don't realize it, but veterinarians say pets suffer the same problems humans do, like overheating, dehydration and even sunburn. There are two key things you can do to protect your pets from the heat, say officials with the Humane Society of the United States: Provide them with plenty of water and shade. Making sure Fido has enough water is easy, but the shade part can be tricky for those with sunny yards. However, now there's an easy way to create shade in any yard. Easy Gardener's Sun Screen Fabric is a protective mesh covering that's great to use for creating a UV protective tent or large covering over your pet's outside areas. Creating a shaded area for your pets is easy with the fabric. In addition, once you install your Sun Screen Fabric, it will last a long time and it cleans easily with a garden hose. Even in wet conditions, the cloth deters mildew because it is made with breathable fabric. The Sun Screen Fabric comes in a variety of colors: heavy black, smoke blue, saddle tan and heavy green. You also have a choice of size. The six foot wide Sun Screen Fabric comes in lengths from 20 feet to 100 feet. The innovative, breathable fabric allows heat to escape while cooling the shaded area and reducing temperatures up to 15 degrees. As mentioned, installing the fabric is easy, even for those who aren't "do-it-yourselfers." Included with Sun Screen Fabric are project suggestions as well as a project ideas brochure. For further information call Easy Gardener at (800) 327-9462 or visit Easy Gardener has several accessories that make installing the fabric a breeze: wood fasteners, snap grommets, locking clips and locking ties. All of the accessories will be located next to the Sun Screen Fabric at your local gardening store or chain retailer. Metro Editorial Services