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Slide continues for Cubs

Kimball Cubs Varsity Baseball played another good CMC game verses Rockford, but was over-matched offensively to give the Cubs another loss. Kimball played well defensivly committing no  errors in the field, but two homeruns by Rockford hitters helped them pull away. Kimball was down 0-2 in the third inning when Rockford's Nathan Maher hit a three-run homer to help get a cushion for the Rockets. Maher would the go on to shut down the Cubs on the mound allowing eight hits and two runs over six innings. Kimball 4 - Rockford 11 Kimball hitters: Tommy Linn 1-2 DBL Run, Karl Hunt 1-3 Run, Ben Knaus 1-3 DBL Run, Kurt Kuechle 1-3, Sam Scheeler 1-1 RBI, Tom Winkleman 1-4 RBI, Burke Tagney 1-2 2SB. Kimball record: 4-8. Cubs lose to HLWW Karl Hunt pitches a solid game for Kimball, but four errors in the first two innings put the Cubs behind early. The thing that has hurt Kimball all season long hurt them again - the Cubs give extra outs in early innings and put themselves behind early in the game. Kimball scores runs late in games but the lead is to much for them to catch. This is what happened against HLWW, Kimball went down 5-0 in the second on extra outs for the Lakers. Kimball 5 - HLWW 9. Kimball hitters: Tommy Linn 1-2 Run 2SB; Karl Hunt 3-4 DBL RBI SB; Ben Knaus 2-3 SB Run RBI; Tom Winklemann 2-3 Run 2SB RBI; Bobby Arens 2-3 RBI; Burke Tagney 1-4 RBI. Kimball record: 4-9 overall. Cubs get shutdown Cubs Baseball traveled to BBE to face the number two team in the CMC, the Jaugers came out hitting form the begining to earn the win. BBE scored 12 runs on 12 hits in the first 3 innings to put Kimball behind, the Cubs were only able to generate 2 runs on 3 hits for the game. Kimball 2 - BBE 12 Kimball hitters: Tommy Linn 1-3 RBI, Tom Winklemann 1-2,   Tyler Gregory 1-2 Run. Kimball record: 4-10 CMC and Overall Nathan Schwieters, coach