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KAHS students take honors at area contests

KAHS band's superior performances Monday, March 10, 36 members of the Kimball Area High School band program participated in 15 separate events at the Solo & Ensemble Contest at Paynesville. The school announces that all 15 events entered rated at the state level, with 12 awarded "superior" performances, which is the highest rating possible at a High School League event. In addition, the school announces that Erin Gilpatrick was chosen to receive a "Best of Site Award" for her flute solo. This means that she was chosen the top performer at her performance site, which included 24 events from nine other schools - a very big achievement. The results and participants included: State Superior (solo category) - Burke Tagney (tuba), Erin Gilpatrick (flute), Kelsey Klein (flute), Jared Capes (tenor sax) and Ryan Stein (alto sax). State Superior (ensemble category) - Heather Ryan, Mindy Hurrle and Kayla Kastanek (flute trio); Erin Gilpatrick and Abby Zoller (flute duet); Kelsey Klein and Heather Ryan (flute duet); Becky Vossen and Sarah Powell (trumpet duet); Scott Stenger, Amanda Kuseske, Jared Capes, Andy Dingmann, Eric Nystrom, Sarah Messer, Bridget Gohmann and Katie Brugger (jazz combo); Scott Stenger, Karl Hunt, Michael Rose, Becky Vossen, Christie Nelson, Kristina Mackereth, Andy Dingmann, Ashley Schiefelbein, Rachel Lahr, Tyler Gregory, Jon Gilpatrick, Kyle Messer and Burke Tagney (brass choir); Kelsey Klein, Heather Ryan, Mindy Hurrle, Erin Gilpatrick, Zak Kuseske, Stephan Kurkosky, Joanna Wessling, Laura Arnold, Coutney Colwill, Ashley Kalkbrenner, Amanda Kuseske, Tesslyn Callander, Jared Capes, Eric Nystrom and Katie Brugger (woodwind choir). State Excellent - Amanda Kuseske (alto sax solo); Abby Zoller (flute solo); Chelsie Colwill and Torrey Hook (flute duet). This contest is voluntary at KAHS and these students prepared their various solos and small ensembles outside of regular class time. KAHS is proud of the accomplishments of all these fine music students, and how they represented their school and community through their fine performance and mature behavior at this state contest. Congratulations to you all. ********** Vocal Solo, Ensemble Contest Congratulations to the following for their exceptional performance in the Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest Monday, March 10, at Paynesville: Subsection • Excellent rating: Nick Anderson, Rochelle Bach, Jon Green, Melissa Huhn, Ashley Kalkbrenner, Kelsey Klein, Amanda Kuseske, Crystal Lahr, Emily Mansicka, Weston Velsch, Milana Vazba and Justin Yanish. Soloists: Kelsey Klein and Justin Yanish. • Superior rating: soloists - Crystal Lahr, Milana Vazba, Amanda Kuseske, Melissa Huhn and Emily Mansicka. State Section • Superior rating - Emily Mansicka, a ninth-grader, who received the highest possible rating in State Competition. They all did a great job. Congratulations to all of the students. ********** KAHS 4th at Knowledge Bowl Advances to Sections Monday, March 17, the Kimball Area High School Knowledge Bowl teams came up huge at the Subsection meet. After a 14th place finish last year, the Varsity 1 squad consisting of Brian Johnson, Joe Harter, Kendra Albers, Bridget Gohmann, and Brian Wills took fourth place. This placing was high enough for the team to advance to Sections on March 31 at Celebration Lutheran Church in Sartell. It will be the first time in many years KAHS Knowledge Bowl has attained this privilege. The Varsity 2 team, consisting of Courtney Colwill, Josh Cleveland, KT Smallwood, and Tina Henkemeyer also participated and scored 15th of 17, just nine points shy of breaking the top 10. Not only did KAHS have great showings, but this also was the first time KAHS has been able to bring two teams to subsections in  many years. The next meet is Wednesday, March 19, and is for JV teams. The team  competing for KAHS will be Sarah Messer, Mike Rose, Dillon Menson, Jon  Bisila, and Austin Roerick. Other members of KAHS Knowledge Bowl include: Kelsey Klein, Josh Heath, Lindsey Pramann, Erin Gilpatrick, Chelsey Maus, Hannah Zipoy, Ed Nielson, Nicole Johnson, Paiten Schreiner and Kendra Atherton.  We are also looking to start a junior high (seventh and eighth grade) program for next year, as our Junior High participants currently are considered JV. Anyone interested in helping the start-up of this program can call Dennis Abernathy at (320) 398-7700 ext. 100.