Tricounty News

House passes Bonding Bill

Money for ROCORI Trail The Minnesota House of Representatives passed a comprehensive Capital Investment bill today on a vote of 99-34. Rep. Larry Hosch applauded the balanced bill, which included funding for the ROCORI Trail and Warner Lake Park. Parks and trails are one of the hallmark of Central Minnesota. This commitment to the ROCORI Trail will significantly extend a trail that can now be enjoyed for years to come. The House bill includes $372 thousand for the ROCORI trail project. The project will expand the trail from Richmond through Cold Spring to Rockville, connecting with the Glacial Lakes Trail, the Beaver Island Trail, and the Lake Wobegon Trail. Once completed the total trail length will be 12.2 miles, and also connect to St. Cloud and Quarry Park. The bonding bill also included $492 thousand for land acquisition at Warner Lake County Park. The project will add 23 acres to the park and create a bikeway link southward to Wright County. Warner Lake Park, which has one of only five swimming beaches in Stearns County, will also be buffered from Light Industrial and Agriculture use by land addition. The Warner Lake Park is enjoyed by swimmers, bikers, and campers, from all over the state. Making sure that we preserve this heavily used park was a priority, and I am glad we delivered. The bill will now go on to a Conference Committee where members of the House and Senate will work together on the bill before returning it for a final legislative vote and then sent to the governor.