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Kimball Kruisers meet

Green! Green! Green! Green was everywhere! The Kimball Kruisers are going wild with green; what with spring and St. Patrick's Day on the way and not to mention green being the official color of 4-H. At the Kimball Kruisers March monthly meeting on March 2nd, held at City Hall, the Kimball Kruisers agreed to make place settings for the Senior Dining for St. Patrick's Day (what did I tell you, more green). The Kimball Kruisers will also be doing a cookbook fundraiser. Look for them to be selling their cookbooks at different events around Kimball. They will also be volunteering at the Fireman's Pancake Breakfast. Ending our meeting with project talks were Ashley Schiefelbein, Austin Schiefelbein, Kari Schiefelbein, and Zack Schiefelbein. Ashley talked to the 4-Hers about Food Review. She explained to them what it is all about and told us how to get started. Lucky for us she made some cookies to share. Austin showed the 4-Hers his science project entitled "Does Wet Wood Burn". He explained to them what he did and how it turned out. Kari showed everyone her amazing drawings she did of cats. She's quite the artist! Zach presented his popsicle house he had made. I'm sure the question on everyone's mind was "Did he eat all those popsicles?" Great stuff guys. What does the mayor really do for Kimball? Well, after Tammy Konz, mayor of Kimball, talked to the Kimball Kruisers about citizenship we were all pretty sure. Tammy talked to us about what she does, taxes, and all sorts of other neat stuff. Also speaking at the 4-H meeting was Sue Massmann. She talked to everybody about public speaking and gave us tips on how to be a good public speaker. The next meeting will be on April 6 at 6 p.m. at St. Anne's Catholic Church. The 4-Hers are also planning to go to the planetarium sometime in April. Hope to see you at the next 4-H meeting. Chelsey Maus reporter