Tricounty News


Meeting was called to order by Mayor Tammy Konz at 7 p.m. Councilmembers present: Tammy Konz, DuWayne Orbeck, Chris Jansky and Eric Loewen. Councilmembers absent: Joe Krippner. Others present: Jim Schulz, Paul Hoeschen, Chad Johnson, Jean Matua, Paul Lambrecht, Roger Cooper, Doug Knaus, Sandy Steinmetz, Keith Markwardt and Jim Frilstad. Motion Orbeck/Jansky to approve the Feb. 4, 2008 minutes as presented. Motion passed (Krippner absent). Motion Orbeck/Loewen to approve the Feb. 11, 2008 minutes as presented. Motion passed (Krippner absent). Motion Jansky/Orbeck to approve the claims presented for February. Motion passed (Krippner absent). Motion Jansky/Orbeck to approve the following items on the consent agenda: 1. To disconnect all delinquent city utilities. 2. To approve Maine Prairie Chapter of Ducks Unlimited's request for a Minnesota Lawful Gambling Application for Exempt Permit to conduct a raffle for April 11, 2008 at the Playland Ballroom, 531 State Hwy. 15 E. in the City of Kimball and waive the 30 day waiting period. Motion passed (Krippner absent). Kimball Lions members Roger Cooper and Doug Knaus reported on the progress of the work which the Lions are doing at the picnic shelter. The new addition is in need of 24 six foot tables and 144 chairs and are requesting City participation to obtain these. Mayor Konz stated that she knows of individuals who may be willing to make a donation and that the City would be willing to help with some of the purchase. Councilmember DuWayne Orbeck will check with Bargain Buys to see if they are able to purchase tables and chairs at a discount. Jean Matua of the Tri-County News offered to donate an advertisement soliciting donations for tables and chairs for the Kimball Lions Club. Mayor Konz thanked the Lions members for their hard work at the picnic shelter and park area and stressed working together. Doug Knaus commented that it has been a combined effort of a lot of groups donating time and finances. Keith Markwardt, President of the State Bank of Kimball addressed the City's present debt structure and the $624,000.00 General Obligation Improvement Bond of 2005 for the Hazel Ave. project which is a 40 year bond through USDA Rural Development and the $475,000.00 Temporary Bond issue for the Wastewater Irrigation Condemnation which is a 5 year bond paying only interest. He presented two scenario's for refinancing by combining these two issues at a lower interest rate with either a 15 or 20 year repayment and saving a substantial amount on interest. The yearly payments would be larger due to the shorter payment period and thereby increasing the budget for repayment. Motion Jansky/Loewen to contact Kennedy & Graven to have them take a look at the refinancing of these bonds with a 20 year repayment schedule. Motion passed (Krippner absent). Councilmember Eric Loewen addressed the issue of video taping the Council meetings. He will be checking with the Kimball Branch of the Great River Regional Library to see if they can make video tapes available for the public and report back at the next meeting. Jean Matua will check on the formatting size. Council reviewed the Wastewater Pond Capacity letter received from City Attorney Tim Young. Mr. Young will be invited to the next meeting to review this letter. Contract Consultant Paul Hoeschen and Chad Johnson of the Public Works Department presented quotes for the Water System Control Upgrade as follows: Preferred Controls, Inc. $25,972.00 (includes sales tax).  Automatic Systems Co. $33,789.00 (includes sales tax).  Telemetry & Process Controls, Inc. (TPC) $51,473.00. Motion Loewen/Jansky to accept the quote of $25,972.00 from Preferred Controls, Inc. and pay for the project from the WAC Money Market fund. Motion passed (Krippner absent). Motion Loewen/Jansky to pay Preferred Controls, Inc. 50% of the project cost upon the delivery of the equipment and the balance after a two week start up and the approval of the Public Works Department and Paul Hoeschen. Motion passed (Krippner absent). Snow removal and junk vehicle nuisances were reported on and staff was requested to address the issues. Chad Johnson reported that Dan Lais of the DNR is requesting a maintenance clause be added to the permit for the park bridge and that there would be $120.00 fee for this change. He will provide a draft of the wording which will be sent to the Councilmembers for review. He also addressed the City Ordinance on private sewer line blockage responsibility and snow plowing. Police Chief Jim Frilstad addressed vehicle forfeiture, prosecution contract with the City of St. Cloud, computers received from Target, designing a new patch for the Police Department, administrative citations (which the City Council approves), Councilmembers riding along, the need for a new squad camera, jake breaking by semi-trucks, sale of the 2000 squad car and vandalism in park restitution. City Engineer Jim Schulz reported on the Public Notice of intent to reissue State Disposal System (SDS) Permit MN0052647 and the public comment period ending Feb. 26. Motion Loewen/Jansky to join the LMCIT OSHA/Safety Assistance Program and become a member of Region III. Motion passed (Krippner absent). Councilmember Chris Jansky introduced the following resolution and moved for its adoption: To amend Chapter Two - Administration, Section 215 - Schedule of Fees, 215.02 Scope, Code 800.03 and 810.06 as follows: 800.03 WATER ACCESS HOOK-UP CHARGE (WAC) $2,250.00  810.06 SEWER ACCESS HOOK-UP CHARGE (SAC) $2,500.00 Councilmember Eric Loewen seconded the foregoing resolution. Those voting in favor thereof: Tammy Konz, Chris Jansky and Eric Loewen; those voting against: DuWayne Orbeck; those absent; Joe Krippner; those abstaining: None. Motion passed and effective Feb. 19, 2008. The water/sewer rate structure has been tabled to the March 3rd meeting. Tammy Konz and DuWayne Orbeck plan to attend the LMCIT Loss Control Workshop in St. Cloud. Sandy Steinmetz reported that Pepsi has done the teen dances in Paynesville and there have been no problems. The Chamber will be discussing the Kimball Days Coordinator, parade coordinator, business banners and helping at the Clean Up Day at their next meeting. Chad Johnson reported that he had to make a change to the equipment in the MN/DOT snow removal agreement by deleting the skid loader and adding the new tractor. The City Attorney will also be asked to comment on a building moratorium at the next meeting. Mayor Konz reported on Thatcher Engineering. Councilmember Eric Loewen attended the Stearns County Comprehensive Plan Public Comment Period and spoke on behalf of the City. Motion Orbeck/Loewen to adjourn at 9:35 p.m. Motion passed (Krippner absent). Dianne H. Robinson  Clerk Treasurer