Tricounty News

Women's Health Night

Paynesville Area Health Care System is proud to announce the upcoming womens' health night event in honor of National Women's Healthy Heart month at the Chain of Lakes Medical Clinic in Cold Spring Thursday, Feb. 28, from 3-7 p.m. Women's Night is a free event and includes educational seminars, hands-on displays and free health screenings. The educational seminars will be presented by Chain of Lakes medical staff and will include information on key female health topics including women's heart health, breast health, osteoporosis, acupuncture treatments, and nutrition and exercise. The hands-on displays will include mammogram information, the dangers of exposure to second-hand smoke and details about medications including Reclast, a medication used to treat Osteoporosis, and Gardisil, the vaccine that helps guard against diseases such as cervical cancer that are caused by human papillomavirus. Medical staff will also be providing free blood pressure, body mass index, hemoglobin and blood sugar screenings.