Tricounty News

FSA encourages county committee participation

The Farm Service Agency is looking for candidates for the farmer-elected County Committee from groups that have not been active with the agency's committee in the past.

The 2010 Stearns County FSA election will be held in Local Administrative Area (LAA) #1, which includes the following townships: Brockway, Collegeville, Fairhaven, LeSauk, Luxemburg, Lynden, Maine Prairie, Rockville, St. Augusta, St. Cloud, St. Joseph, St. Wendel, and Wakefield.

This area is presently represented by Joseph W. Krippner.

Nomination petitions for candidates must be filed with the Farm Service Agency's local office by Aug. 2, 2010.

The FSA County Committee is an important link between the national USDA program and the needs of local farmers. As part of the committee, members will make important decisions on local programs, such as commodity price support loans, establishing allotments and yields, and eligibility for farm loans, conservation activities, and disaster assistance. The committee is also USDA's eyes and ears in the community, and local farmers' voice in USDA.

FSA is looking for small operators, truck farmers, and people who grow specialty crops, women, and anyone who has not had an active voice with the County Committee in the past. For the County Committee system to work as it should, all of local agriculture needs to be represented, and all farmers need a voice.

If you need further information about the County Committee or how you can help, contact the Stearns County FSA Office at (320) 251-7800, Ext. 2.