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Early history of Kimball is filled with items of interest Reprinted from the Tri-County Messenger dated Thursday, October 1, 1936. V. H. Mason, Editor

Part VII

Beyond 1896, continued

There were no changes made in the officers at the 1897 election. However, soon after the election, both saloons were ordered to erect high, tight board fences around their back doors. Will Bowen was employed at $30 per month as night police. A committee was appointed to see about the control of Russian thistles in the village and the poll tax was reduced to one day's work.

In December 1897, the village donated $50 for the purchase of instruments for a brass band. Ben Apfeld was the instructor and the instruments were to be in the care of A. Mumford.

In February 1898, the council was asked for a $100 bonus for a bank and a $1,000 bonus for a mill, both of which requests were denied, however, some new gasoline street lamps were purchased and a right-of-way for a road from the north edge of Patten's Addition to the village, north past the Adolph Looman place to intersect the road from the Belknap place to the cemetery, Mrs. Amelia Patten sold them the east one-half for $25, Adolph Looman the west one-half over his land for $10, and Carl Hoeft the west one-half over his land for $3.37.

The election of 1898 was rather exciting. No candidate had filed, so the election was postponed and a special election held the latter part of March, which created much controversy. However, after securing considerable legal advice, A.E. Bennett andJ.G. Reeves were declared elected to the council and Walter Dixon as treasurer. This year a right-of-way through the street was granted to the Minnesota Long Distance Telephone Company and the first pool license was issued.

As the $200 loaned to the School District No. 80 was due this year, and they were unable to pay, the council voted to make the loan an outright gift.

Eliel Peck was again appointed postmaster June 18, 1898, and a branch of the St. Cloud bank had been established under the direction of George Whitney.

In the fall of 1898, the village council voted to give the Township of Maine Prairie $50 for the purpose of building a bridge over the Clearwater River, east of the Moses Boggs place, and of grading the approaches. A part of the old bridge still stands just south of where Highway 55 now crosses the river.

A notation tells us that although gasoline was used mostly for lighting and cooking purposes, it was retailing at 15¢ per gallon.

Prior to the election of 1899, the council called a caucus for the nomination of candidates to eliminate the possibility of another contested election such as was had in 1898. The 1899 election passed off peaceably with C.L. Spaulding and M.F. Greely being elected new members of the council; Frank Driver, Constable, and J.F. Guptill, Justice.

* * * * * * *Kimball Days Ð Aug. 13, 14, and 15: Friday's "Supper in the Park" begins this annual festival with music to celebrate this society's 10th anniversary, a delicious meal in the park shelter at reasonable prices. At the same time, the annual grand history exhibit in historic Kimball City Hall, and continued all weekend for everyone's enjoyment. Watch this column for more details.

"Historic preservation has a proven track record in stimulating the economy and revitalizing communities," quoted from Deputy State Preservation Officer Britta Blomberg.

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