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Christian Women July 8

Vacations, parades, picnics and fun! Those are the makings, not only of a super summer, but of a great "Rah ... Rah ... Sis ... Boom ... Bah!" brunch held at Reichel's Catering in Annandale, at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, July 8, for ALL women. Wendy Sylvester of Wendy's World Travel Agency of Annandale will share pointers on how to be a savvy traveler. You will find your toe tapping to lovely melodies provided by Kendra Hohenstein of Annandale. Finally, award-winning employment counselor Monie Carlson of Bloomington will share with you "A Cheerleader Looks at Life". Circle the date on your calandar, invite a friend, and call for reservations; either Sheree (before 8 p.m.) at (320) 963-6625, or Betty at 320-274-5395. A $l per mom preschool nursery is available with reservations. This event is sponsored by Stonecroft Ministries.