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Kimball Kruisers 4-H report

Busy spring and looking ahead to summer and the Fair

Our last meeting was held Sunday, May 23, at St. Anne's Church in Kimball. The roll call was fun when we all named what we are looking forward to this summer. Many members said they are looking forward to swimming, sleeping in and no school. Thank you to the members who cleaned ditches and bagged the trees and passed them out to the elementary students for Arbor Day at the end of April. We appreciate so many members helping out. Some families volunteered to do the club banner, scarecrow, barrel and flower pot for the Fair in August. Chelsey Maus talked about Arts In at the county and state levels. The group sings, dances and performs during the fairs. We voted to help support Chelsey as she prepares to participate in Arts In at the Minnesota State Fair. Becky Kastanek informed the club about the Foodstand Meeting she attended; a new 4-H foodstand has been built in the same location as the old foodstand at the Meeker County Fairgrounds. Check it out at the Fair. The 4-H community garden plot will be planted with pumpkins this year, as we already have a person interested in buying the pumpkins in the fall. Anyone willing to help weed and water our plot should contact Sue Maus. One of our favorite meetings is coming up June 27. We have a potluck with our meeting, and we will play softball and baseball at Kimball Elementary School. We are all busy getting our projects ready for the Fair. Come and see them at the Meeker County Fair, Aug. 5-8.

Andrew Massmann,

Kimball Kruisers Reporter