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Pillow facts

Mark your calendar. Carlson Pillow Cleaning Service will be in Kimball at the Legion Club 7 a.m. to noon Friday, June 18.

A good goose-feather pillow (considered the Cadillac of pillows) given proper care, should last anywhere between 60 and 100 years and still be in good usable condition. Here's why most of them don't:

¥ EVERY time a pillow is washed or steam-cleaned, those feathers have lost between 10 and 15 years of their usefulness.

WHY? A feather depends on the oil in it for its life and softness. Washing or steam-cleaning removes oil from them, shortening their useable life.

¥ Now if you can get the pillow cleaned and covered in a new tick (material) reasonably priced, doing so without removing any oil from the feathers, it is possible to have a pillow that would las3t you many, many years.

¥ This is where Carlson Pillow Cleaning Service comes in. We have a machine that can do just that and do it very reasonably. The machine is mounted in a mobile unit and work is completed on-site while you wait, same day service.

¥ This machine system will clean, disinfect, and deodorize the feathers without removing any oif their oil. Your feathers are not mixed with any other customer's feathers, you receive all of your own feath ers back, no feathers lost.

¥ How the machine works: The feathers are emptied into the machine where they are tumbled and fluffed by rotating brushes.

The tumbling action has two additional purposes: To remove the chaff and dust to a grate in the bottom of the drum and to subject all feathers to the germ-killing ozone-emitting ultra-violet light produced by powerful germicidal bulbs set into the top of the drum.

After a period of four minutes, the feathers are automatically vacuumed from the drum into a deodorizing chamber, processing through and into the new feather-and down-proof fabric ticking (material covering of your choice).

The result is a cleaner than new pillow, in five minutes.