Tricounty News


The City Council of the City of Kimball, Minnesota ordains:

Ordinance #1117 of the Kimball Zoning Ordinance is amended as follows:

Approved Fee Schedule for Rental Housing Activities:

License Fees shall be $100.00 per Building/House and $12.00 per Unit for those properties with multiple units in that building/house, per License Cycle

Compliant Inspection Fee: $50 per Unit

Advisory Inspection Fee: $75 per Unit

After Hours Surcharge: $75 per Unit

Re-inspection Fee: $50 per Unit

No-Show Fee: $50 per Unit

Hourly Fee for Other Activities: $60 per Hour

This ordinance shall be effective May 20, 2010

Adopted by the City Council this 4th day of May 2010.

Nicole Pilarski, Clerk/Treasurer

Tammy Konz, Mayor

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, May 20, 2010.