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EV-W-K Track and Field May 13

The Track team competed at the 2010 Section 6AA True Team meet Thursday, May 13, at Glencoe-Silver Lake High School. Teams participating were Willmar, Hutchinson, Annandale, Dassel-Cokato, ROCORI, Litchfield, Glencoe-Silver Lake, and Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball. The competion was tough and so was the weather. There was rain or mist in the air during most of the meet and it was windy.

Shawney Kramer took another first place in the discus throw. Alex Mies placed second in the 400-meter dash, just a fraction of a second from first place. The girls' 4x200m, and 4x400m relay teams placed second.

The girls' Individual results were: 4x800m relay team eighth Ð 12:42.11; 100m hurdles Holly Erickson eighth Ð 18.45, Kelsey Theisen 15th Ð 19.82; 100m dash Liz Kastanek 11th Ð 14.15, Macki Nelson 13th Ð 14.17; 4x200m relay team second Ð 1:53.16; 1600m run Larissa Anthofer fifth Ð 5:41.9, Brook Winter 15th Ð 6:45.35; 4x100m relay team fifth Ð 55.09; 400m dash Molly Hesse third Ð 62.67, Brittany Hesse 11th 65.87; 300m hurdles Rachel Arnold sixth Ð 51.98, Holly Erickson 12th Ð 55.49; 800m run Erica McCann 14th Ð 3:01.66, Morgan Meyer 15th Ð 3:15.55; 200m dash Samantha Stuve eighth Ð 29.83, Nicole Orth 15th Ð 31.15; 3200m run Larissa Anthofer 11th Ð 13:25.81, Kayla Overland 15th Ð 15:38.34; 4x400m relay team secondÐ4:19.84; shot put Shawney Kramer fifth Ð 33'.25", Sarah Messer ninth Ð 31' 1.5"; discus throw Shawney Kramer first Ð 122' 4", Sarah Messer sixth Ð 104' 5"; triple jump Rachel Arnold 11th Ð 29'.5", Morgan Meyer 12th Ð 28' 9";long jump Morgan Meyer third Ð 14' 11", Macki Nelson eighth Ð 14'.5"; high jump Morgan Meyer ninth Ð 4' 6", McKenzie Dammann 11th Ð 4' 6"; pole vault Macki Nelson third Ð 8'6", Nicole Klein ninth Ð 7' 6".

The boys' Individual results were: 4x800m relay team fifth Ð 9:22.04; 110m hurdles Nathan McCann 10th Ð 17.49; 100m dash Tyler Loch fifth Ð 11.89, Ryan McCann eighth Ð 12.07; 4x200m relay team fourth Ð 1:37.94; 1600m run Jarrod Vossen 14th Ð 6:09.03, Tyler Swafford 16th Ð 6:44.19; 4x100m relay team sixth Ð 47.15; 400m dash Alex Mies second Ð 54.27, Dan Fruth 15th Ð 59.99; 300m hurdles Joe James 14th Ð 47.05, Nathan McCann 15th Ð 49.60; 800m run Jarrod Vossen 15th Ð 2:48.20; 200m dash Tyler Loch 5th Ð 24.49, De'Angelo James 121th Ð 25.92; 3200m run Cameron Wittenberg 13th Ð 12:12.28, Luke Serbus 16th Ð 14:03.75; 4x400m relay team 3:46.61; shot put Jesse Hedlund 15th Ð 32'.75", Devin Brutger 16th Ð 31' 10.5"; discus throw Jacob asfeld 10th-113', Devin Brutger 15th Ð 95' 9"; triple jump Joe James 8th Ð 36' 8.25", Dan Fruth 14th Ð 34' 1.25"; long jump Tyler Loch 10th Ð 17' 8.5", Trevor Baumann 14th Ð 17'.5"; high jump Nathan McCann 10th Ð 5' 2", Danny Lochen 15th Ð 5'; pole vault Danny Lochen ninth Ð 10', Erik Mares 12th Ð 9' 6"

The girls' team scores were: 1. Willmar 358 2. Annandale 354.5 3. Hutchinson 348 4. Litchfield 312.5 5. Dassel-Cokato 287 6. Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball 268 7. ROCORI 260.5 8. Glencoe-Silver Lake 144.5.

The boys' team scores were: 1. Willmar 415 2. Hutchinson 399 3. Glencoe-Silver Lake 387 4. Annandale 290.5 5. Dassel-Cokato 232.5 6. ROCORI 218.5 7. Litchfield 205.5

8.Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball 179.

Track relay teams

Relay team members at True Team meet May 13 were:

¥ 4x800 Maria Donnay, Ashley Morris, Grace Kopitzke, Kayla Overland; Kirby Knutson, Dan Fruth, Jarrod Vossen, Cole Sanders.

¥ 4x200 Molly Hurrle, Liz Kastanek, Rachel Arnold, Samantha Stuve; Joe James, Danny Lochen, Ryan McCann, Tyler Loch.

¥ 4x100 Macki Nelson, Amber Besonen, Liz Kastanek, Samantha Stuve; De'Angelo James, Jake Linn,Trevor Bauman, Ryan McCann.

¥ 4x400 Brittany Hesse, Amber Besonen,Rachel Arnold, Molly Hesse; Trevor Bauman, Nathan McCann, Alex Mies, Joe James.