Tricounty News

Cards of thanks

I would like to thank all of the people and organizations that have so generously given during the month of March 2008. The total donations were 3,980 pounds of food and $6,437.30. This will help us to fill the Kimball Area Food Shelf Inc. for a good, long time. And the clients that use the shelf are very excited to see a new variety of food on the shelves. In the last three months, our average use of the shelf is 30 families a month. That is about 2,000 pounds of food given out each month, which is double the amount of families we served in 2005 during the same three months. We will receive an incentive amount of money because of your generous help. And, in May, I turn in the stats that we have raised during March and April to Allen Feinstein Foundation and will receive a portion of $1 million, which in the past has been from $150-$250, depending on how many food shelves participate in this challenge across the nation. The Minnesota food shelves usually receive the most of the challenge because of the March drive. So, as you can see, you all make a big difference in keeping the Kimball Area Food Shelf Inc. I thank you all for your help, and your continued help is most welcome. Mary Mathies, coordinator Kimball Area Food Shelf Inc. ********** The family of Matt Koltes would like to express sincere appreciation to anyone who thought of, prayed for, visited, brought food, made the funeral lunch, or helped in any way, prior to or after his death. Your support has given us comfort and helped us say good-bye to a man we loved very much. Special thanks to Dr. McAuliffe, Assumption staff, Rice Hospice, Fr. Richard Walz, Fr. Julius Beckerman and Julene Faber.