Tricounty News

Short call subs needed

People who want to teach but don't have the full credentials will have an opportunity to become certified as short-call substitute teachers under the Minnesota Limited Short Call Substitute program. Resource Training & Solutions in St. Cloud has announced that it will coordinate a two-day program on Feb. 25-26 to prepare individuals to apply to become short-call substitute teachers and to register with school districts in the nine-county area. Training will cover topics such as the substitute teacher's role in the classroom and district, basics of classroom management and instruction, basics of child development, and communication skills and legal issues. Under Minnesota law, limited short call substitute teachers licenses are granted only if teachers who hold regular teaching licenses are not available or if a district is experiencing a hardship in securing a sufficient number of regularly licensed teachers to meet the district¹s need for short-call substitute teachers. The district superintendent may request that a short call substitute license be granted to an individual who holds a baccalaureate degree from a college or university that is accredited by the regional association for the accreditation of colleges and secondary schools. Licensure is good for two years and must be renewed bi-annually. Registration for the training can be made by calling Joyce Rife (320) 255-3236 or toll-free (888) 447-7032, or going to .