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Tidbits for February 2012

I woke up this morning to find I was 'locked' in the house; thanks to the rain and snow from the end of the month blizzard. Later, I was fortunate enough to get Steven's attention while he was plowing the driveway; so, bless their hearts, he and his wife shoveled me out.

A number of senior dining sites, including ours, remained closed for the day. Now, what should I do with the extra five hours I have at home?

The storm allowed many children's wish for no school today to come true. For those who have a parent or two home with them, I hope they make the most of having some unexpected family time together.

I enjoyed having our children home on those "Kimball Schools: closed today" days. Some days we did what one of the kids suggested. Other days, I had some or all of them do what I wanted to do. Angie learned how to tie a quilt with me at least once. Marty seemed to want to help make homemade donuts. If donuts were going to be made, we didn't stop with one kind. If I recall correctly, due to the "mess" we had to do at least three batches. Raised donuts were first choice. They were mixed up first and cut out. While they raised and the grease was heating, the other choices were mixed and ready to cut. The favorites were the chocolate donut recipe from "Grandma Holen," gobblin donuts and my favorite, orange drop balls that were finished off with a honey glaze and rolled in coconut. Yum! Yum! Sometimes pumpkin or potato donuts were made. The kids liked frosting and/or shaking them in powdered sugar. One day, we made bismarks and another time long Johns. I was a mean mom, they had to help from start to cleaning up. Too bad the kids are grown and I'm out of cooking oil! I have seen recipes for baked donuts. I wonder how they would compare with the fried ones. Has anybody tried the baked ones?

Now the first of March is about to end. It was back to work today.

I played school yesterday and spent most of the day educating myself about Medicare and Medigap supplements. There have been a lot of changes in the program since my hubby was on it. I have a lot of decisions to make this month. I also called a number of clinics to see if they are accepting new Medicare patients.

Valentine's Day was a big day, so to speak, at the dining site. The Kimball Kruisers 4-H Club members made Valentine place mats; diners showed up in reds, pinks, whites, and clothes with hearts on. Before eating the meal of brown sugar-glazed pork chops, whipped potatoes with gravy, peas and mushrooms and cherry cheesecake, Anita, Betty M., and Darby won door prizes. Little Debby Valentine cakes were treats with coffee before dinner.

On the 22nd of March, we will be having a topsy, turvy day. Years ago, the diners really got into this one. One lady wore white on the left side of her body and the right side was all black. Several had two different shoes and socks that didn't match. Of course, they were not from the "old" school like I was, so, in spite of being "taught" that stripes and prints were not worn together, on that day, they mixed them. The tables had seasonal napkins and decorations from numerous holidays. It was a very interesting day. So, on the 22nd, come dressed as crazy as you'd like, and see what everybody else shows up in.

Remember the Fridays during lent to choose which entre you want me to order for you. Call me at (320) 398-2211, ext. 13.

A little tidbit I'd like to pass on that I tried and was very pleased with. If you've been unhappy with reheating pizza in a microwave, try this: put your slices of pizza right from the refrigerator in an unheated skillet. Cover it tightly with a lid or foil. Put the pan on a burner and then turn the heat on low. Heat it for about 25 minutes. I don't remember where I heard about this method, but I was impressed with the crispy crust and the "just like from the oven" taste.

'Till next time,

Rosalea Hoeft

Satellite Site Coordinator