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KES school supplies needed this fall

Kimball Elementary School has released its list of school supplies needed by students when they start school this fall. • Kindergarten - Backpack, beach towel in Ziploc bag, cake mix and can of frosting, cookies/crackers (one box), crayons (24-count), erasers (large size), glue (three bottles, white), glue sticks (six large), Kleenex (large box), paints (tray of eight watercolors), pencils (one dozen #2), plastic two-pocket folder, school box, scissors (metal-edged and spiral notebook (wide-lined). • First grade - Antiseptic wipes, backpack (no wheels, please), crayons, Dry Erase markers (one set), erasers (large), folders (two-pocket, one red and one blue), glue sticks (four large), glue (Elmer's, 8-ounce white), Kleenex (large box), notebook (spiral, wide-lined), paints (tray of eight watercolors), pencils (box of regular #2), pencils (colored set), school box (large) and scissors. • Second grade - Antiseptic wipes, crayons (box of 24), erasers (two large), erasers (pencil top), folders (two, two-pocket style), glue (Elmer's, two 8-ounce bottles, white), Kleenex (large), markers (washable), markers (Dry Erase set of fine point), notebooks (two spiral, wide-lined), pencil box, pencils (box of #2), pencils (colored), ruler, scissors, sharpener (small, enclosed) and tape (Scotch). • Third grade - Backpack, crayons (box of 24), erasers (large), folder (three two-pocket folders), glue (8-ounce), glue sticks (four large), Kleenex (two large boxes), markers (washable), markers (set of four, fine point, Dry Erase), notebooks (three spiral, wide-lined), paints (tray of watercolors), pencil box, pencils (box of #2), pencils (set of colored), ruler, scissors and tape (Scotch). • Fourth grade - Antiseptic wipes, backpack (to fit in locker), calculator (basic functions), crayons (24 count), erasers (large), erasers (12 pencil tip), folders (three two-pocket, one green and one yellow), glue sticks (four large), highlighters (three, any color), Kleenex (two large boxes), markers, markers (Dry Erase), notebooks (five spiral), paints (tray of eight watercolors), paper (quarter-inch graph), pencil box (small, 8"x5"), pencils (colored), pencils (dozen #2/send more as needed), scissors and tape (three rolls, Scotch). • Fifth grade - Binder (three-ring, 1.5" red), calculator (basic functions), crayons, erasers (large and pencil top), folders (five two-pocket), glue (four large sticks), glue (8-ounce), highlighters (two), Kleenex (two large boxes), markers, markers (two black Sharpies), markers (Dry Erase, fine point), notebook (composition), notebook (spiral graph, 4 sq. per inch), notebooks (five spiral), pencils (box of #2, colored pencil set), ruler, school box (small, appr. 8"x5"), scissors and tape (Scotch, two rolls). • Sixth grade - Binders (two three-ring binders, 1.5" each), calculator, folders (five two-pocket), glue (8-ounce bottle or four large glue sticks), Kleenex (two large boxes), markers (Dry Erase, fine point), markers (black Sharpie, one fine and one medium), notebook (composition style), notebook (spiral graph, 4 square/inch), notebooks (four spiral, narrow ruled), paper (loose leaf, narrow ruled), pencils (box of #2), pencils (set of colored), ruler, scissors, tape