Tricounty News

Recount began Monday

Event to be webcast live

Stearns County will begin the recount of the Governor and House 15B races on Monday, Nov. 29, 2010.

The recount will begin at 9 a.m. in the Stearns County Board Room of the Administration Center. The process is expected to take the entire week, with the recount wrapping up on Friday, Dec. 3.

To give the public a chance to see the recount in action, the event will be shown live on the County website each day. To view the recount webcast, go to the website at Recount activities will take place from approximately 8 a.m.Ð5 p.m. each day.

For those who would like to see the event in person, the recount process is open to the public. Limited seating is available.

Employees from Stearns County, the Cities of St. Cloud, Richmond and Sartell will be doing the hand count of the votes. There will be 10 people recounting on 5 tables, 2 per table. Also at each table will be two challengers, one from the Mark Dayton or Carol Lewis campaign and the other from the Tom Emmer or King Banian campaign. The challengers observe the hand-counters and have the ability to contest a ballot.

In the recount process, each ballot is handled three times. The first time, the counter orientates the ballot to assure they're all facing the same direction. Once that's complete, ballots are separated into 3 piles: one for Dayton, one for Emmer and another for all other ballots. From there, ballots are counted by piling them in groups of 25. Totals are hand-recorded and later compared to election canvassing results. Only one precinct is counted at a time per table. Any challenged ballots are sent to the State Canvassing Board.

Stearns County has 55,815 ballots to recount from 105 precincts.

In addition to the Governor's race, Stearns County will also be recounting the 15B race between King Banian and Carol Lewis. In that race, King Banian leads Carol Lewis by 10 votes. Stearns County has 13 precincts and 6,500 ballots to recount in that race.