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Girl Scouts hit the Mall of America

Saturday, Nov. 6, Girl Scout Troop 83 of Kimball went to the Mall of America.

The girls planned and budgeted how the money that they earned from cookie sales would be spent. The Troop decided to go to Mall of America. They figured the cost for rides, and Build a Bear, and they set a budget to follow for spending.

The girls had a fun-filled day at the Mall of America. We spent the day on rides at Nickelodeon Universe. To our surprise, Kelly Clarkston was at the Mall promoting the opening of a new Microsoft store. We received free tickets, and the girls were excited to go. For many, it was their first concert. The American Idol star performed for 30 minutes to the excited crowd. At the end of our day we went to Build a Bear workshop. Each girl chose a new friend, named them, and dressed them in a new outfit. The girls earned a special badge for the day and fun was had by all.