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The state we're in: Reflections on Minnesota History

Join us for a special program The State We're In: Reflections on Minnesota History at the Stearns History Museum at 9 a.m. Monday, Dec. 13. The editors plus several of the contributors of this book invite you to be part of the conversation about memory and history, about telling our stories, about Minnesota's past.

In 1958, on the 100th anniversary of becoming a state, Minnesota pulled out all the stops and celebrated our centennial with parades, pageants, concerts, a new song, state fair exhibits, and a train of exhibits that visited every county. It felt like a real state celebration, judging by the press reports.

Nick Coleman, Star Tribune columnist, wrote in contrast that Minnesota's Sesquicentennial of statehood was "the dullest 150th birthday on record." Leonard Wabasha, a member of the Lower Sioux Dakota community said of 2008, "It's just another year and anniversary that reminds us of what was taken away, and what we lost." Moreover, the population of Minnesota seemed to find many other things more interesting than the state's history.

For more information about the program or Museum, please call (320) 253-8424. The American Association of Museums accredits the Stearns History Museum and Research Center. It is located at 235 33rd Avenue South in

St. Cloud.

The big birthdays remind historians, and others too, to think about how we tell our stories about the past. How should we remember the past? What are the stories we need and ought to tell?

St. John's University (funded by Project Logos) and the College of St. Benedict, the Stearns History Museum and the Minnesota Historical Society organized a conference to talk about these questions. The State We're In, edited by Annette Atkins and Debbie Miller, published by the Minnesota Historical Society in 2010, includes many of the talks from that conference. Please join us for a fascinating discussion on Minnesota history.