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Kimball Community Education activities

Community Education Youth Enrichment and Recreation finished the second four-week classes with a BANG and some explosions

By Suzanne Robben,

Community Education

Youth Programs

We had remarkable groups of youth Monday through Friday who were enthusiastic and engaged in all sorts of fun in Fitness, Science, Art, and Gaming Clubs for grades 4-8, along with recreation that included dodge ball, floor hockey, and tumbling for grades K-6.

On Monday, the Science Club joined in the FACS room at the high school. We made flubber, blubber, and slime that had all the same ingredients. Why do they all have different names then? After making flubber, we looked at the ingredients for the other two and noticed they had different amounts. We discussed how we thought they would turn out and put our hypothesis to the test. It was some gooey FUN. We also put some hypothesis to the test with popcorn, a potato, ketchup, penny cleaning, pop, mentos, eggs, laundry lint, and water. We had to head outside for the pop experiment because we weren't just drinking it, we watched it EXPLODE.

Also Monday, an energetic group of kids joined at the elementary gym as they ran, threw, slapped, shot, dodged, and made noise while engaging in dodge ball and floor hockey. While playing, they worked on skill development, playing by the rules, and teamwork.

Tuesday, the Fitness Club joined at the elementary gym. The team learned how to set up the net and we began class each week with different warm-ups before games. They figured out techniques on where to hit and place the birdie so their opponent would struggle receiving it, hoping for points added onto the score board. Their skills of hitting and receiving the birdie were outstanding, making for challenging games. Not only did we hit the birdie back and forth, we also worked on sportsmanship and teamwork.

Wednesday, the Gaming Club joined at the high school in a

Jr. Commons area classroom. The youth worked on teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship, all while having fun playing some games such as Ping Pong, Silent Ball, Sorry, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and 99 or Bust. There was time to work and get help on homework if needed.

Thursday, the Art Club joined at the high school in a Jr. Commons area classroom. We were very creative in making lanyards of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Patience was a must while starting a new design, but after they took off, it was a breeze. Excitement and showing off was shared when one was completed. "Every child is an artist" ~Pablo Picasso ... and that they were.

Fridays, the K-second grade tumblers met. They were introduced to the three basic elements of tumbling: balance and support, rotation, springing and landing. These elements were taught using examples and games. Along with basic tumbling, the group enjoyed working on a miniature tramp and a low beam. This was a great group of 13 young ladies. More tumbling will be offered in the spring and summer. We are ready to leap into another four weeks of classes and have fun. Here are the upcoming classes for Nov. 29-Dec. 23:

Mondays: Woodworking Club and Dance Club * (Grades 4-8)

Tuesdays: Ski and Snowboard Club (K-6)

Wednesdays: Gaming Club (Grades 4-8)

Thursdays: Drama Club (Grades 4-8)

Fridays: No Clubs

Dec. 10: Junior High Dance (Grades 7-8) KAHS Cafetorium

*Note there is a change in date to Dance Club.

For full descriptions, or to register online, go to, and click on Cub Prints. You can also fill out the registration form in the Cub Prints or flyers that were sent home. If you have a club or recreation idea, or special talent that you would like to share with youth, let us know. Call Community Education office at (320) 398-7700, ext. 114, for more information.

Watch for the next newspaper article with the next four weeks of upcoming classes and Winter 2011 Cub Prints.