Tricounty News

Home Country - Thankful

By Slim Randles

The bird was an immense, golden-brown American turkey, poised on the platter and ready for the Bahdziewicz (pronounced Bod-SHEV-itch) clan. The clan leader, also known as Dad, was Abraham Lincoln Bahdziewicz, who asked the children to stop squirming and arguing and pay attention.

"Before we ask the Thanksgiving blessing," Abe said, "I think we should each say what we're thankful for. We'll start with the oldest. That's me. I'm particularly thankful that the Indians helped the Pilgrims and they got to know each other and they all became Americans."

"Dad," said Neal Armstrong Bahdziewicz, "were the Pilgrims Polish?"

"I'm sure some of them were, anyway," he said. "Mother's turn."

"I'm thankful that our family is together and healthy today," Sally said.

"I'm next," said Woodrow Wilson Bahdziewicz. "I'm thankful for basketball."

"I'm thankful for Girl Scouts," said Betsy Ross Badziewicz. "They're fun. I have lots of friends there."

"Baseball," said Neal Armstrong Bahdziewicz.


Neal nodded. "I'm thankful for second base."

"You play second base," Woody said.

"That's why."

"John's turn," said Dad.

"I like picture books more than chapter books," said the third grader, John Kennedy Bahdziewicz.

"Would you say you were thankful for picture books?" said Mom.

"I just did," John said.

"Now Frank," Dad said.

"I like ... Tuffy," said Franklin Delano Bahdziewicz. "He's my friend."

"And a very good dog he is, too, Frank."

Then the entire Bahdziewicz clan looked toward the high chair where the baby, Laura Bush Bahdziewicz, played with the tray. She smiled at everyone.

"Me, too, Laura," said Dad. "Now let's bow our heads."

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