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Let it snow!

Snowflakes began to fall in central Minnesota late Friday night, Nov. 12, and they continued through Sunday evening. Even as temperatures hovered right around freezing, much of our grass remains covered with the white stuff. Adults may have grumbled about the sudden end of warm fall weather, but lots of kids revelled in the falling snow.

Haley Robben and her mother Suzanne started out Saturday morning building a snowman. But when they couldn't lift the second "ball" they'd rolled, plans for Frosty changed to a caterpillar. There is one section for each member of the family. And the creature was completed with sticks and grapes for antlers, grapes for eyes, and raisins for the mouth.

Jonny and Andy Brower built this snowman in front of their Hazel Ave. home. Despite the sinister look in his eyes, the Browers assured us he really was a friendly snowman.

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