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Cubs Club before and after school-age program

A Kimball Community Education program

By Megan Kuechle

It's already the middle of November and time is flying by. The Cubs Club children are busy decorating their room for Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe just a couple weeks ago we were celebrating Halloween.

If you were able to join us, you know that our Halloween Party was a TON of fun. It was a great event with more than 60 kids dressed in amazing costumes. Everyone was busy playing various carnival-style games, winning prizes, and creating their own Halloween Pumpkin Treat. It's easy to see how they could have so much fun, after all, who doesn't love getting their hands messy and feeling "brains & eyeballs" (noodles & ping pong balls)?

While Halloween may be behind us, Cubs Club is still active with Thanksgiving inspired games and activities. This month the students have gone on a room-wide turkey hunt, trying to find craft turkeys that were hiding. Thankfully, we found all of them. An activity we played that was new to many of the kids is called Hoop Sticks, a traditional Native American Game. The goal is to get your "hoop" of string onto a stick that is attached; the trick is you can only use one hand. We've also been doing classic Thanksgiving activities that the kids really enjoy, such as making turkeys with our hands and feet, handprint wreaths, and other Thanksgiving-themed art projects. In the spirit of giving we made a classroom book. Each child wrote what they were thankful for along with drawing a picture. The classroom book was one of the children's favorite activities.

Cubs Club will be hosting a Thanksgiving Party Wednesday, Nov. 24, after school until 5 p.m. in the Kimball Elementary Experience Room and Cubs Club Room. The Thanksgiving party will include festive games, crafts, and of course, food. There is a pre-registration form that was sent home with each student that will need to be filled out and returned, along with a payment of five dollars. We hope that you will consider coming and joining us for the fun.

If you would like more information on this event please contact:

Megan Kuechle

E-mail: megan.kuechle@kim, phone: (320) 398-5425 ext. 226

Suzanne Robben

E-mail: suzanne.robben@kim, Phone: (320) 398-5425 ext. 227.