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Imagine what our kids could lose with a 'no' vote

I am worried about the Nov. 2 election. Not because my candidate for governor might not get elected. Not because the balance of power may or may not change in the nation's capital. I am worried because of what will happen to our community, our schools, and our children if BOTH questions on the levy do not get approved on Nov. 2.

A very wise man who has lived in Kimball for more than 90 years and witnessed many changes Ð good and bad Ð told me tonight not to worry, "People care about their kids. This community cares about their kids. This levy will pass." I believe him, but I'm not taking any chances this year.

Our kids need us to go to the polls on Nov. 2, and vote YES on BOTH questions. Here are two examples of why question 2 needs approval just as much as question 1 (question 2 cannot pass unless question 1 passes):

¥ Our son Ace is in Mrs. Klein's first-grade classroom this year. Mrs. Klein is a seasoned teacher with enthusiasm and energy that would put most teachers to shame. Her excitement is contagious. They are learning to love learning in her classroom. In my mind, there is no greater lesson to be learned. Mrs. Klein could "make do" with next to nothing in the way of supplies and technology, but WHY SHOULD SHE HAVE TO? Imagine the possibilities if we could equip teachers like Mrs. Klein with 21st century learning tools, such as a data display projector, a document camera, a portable computer lab, a SMARTboard, podcasting equipment ... the list is endless. Putting just one of these tools into a teacher's capable hands can transform teaching and learning. Mrs. Klein has 26 students. She is making a difference in their lives every day by working tirelessly to provide them with the best education possible. She would jump at the chance to provide these students with tools that would enhance what she is doing in the classroom right now. If Question 2 is not approved, there is no chance that additional technology learning tools will be made available for any teachers in the Kimball School District. Our students will remain in 20th-Century classrooms with 21st-Century minds.

¥ My husband Shawn has coached eighth-grade football for the last few years. He loves teaching these players about the game. He also loves instilling in them pride in themselves, in their team, and in their pursuit of victory. My sons and I attended all the home games this year. The young Cubs currently have a record of 5-1-1 with one more game to play on Oct. 19. They are scrappy. They are athletic. They are proud to be from Kimball. The equipment these players are using, although good enough to pass inspections, is old. It should be replaced, but the current budget doesn't allow for it. Why can't we equip these players who are putting their heart and soul out on the football field with pants, pads, and helmets that tell them we are proud of them and want the best for them? If Queston 2 is not approved, there is little chance equipment will be updated anytime soon.

I'm sure each of you has your own reasons our students need BOTH questions on this levy to be approved. These are just two of the reasons Shawn and I will be supporting BOTH QUESTIONS on Nov. 2. Please vote YES YES.

Laura Meyer, Watkins