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Principal on the roof? It's a reward, not a punishment

If you drove through Marty (Pearl Lake) last week, you may have noticed the signs. There was one at the church and one across the street at the school: "Mrs. Moran, Up on the roof, Fri. Oct. 15."

It was part of a wager, an enticement for students at Holy Cross School to raise more money in their annual Prayer/Walkathon that took place Saturday, Oct. 9.. And, boy, did it work!

The goal was $8,000. But principal Mrs. Anna Moran made a deal with the students: if they raised $9,500 (more than twice what they raised last year), she would spend a whole day sitting up on the roof of the school.

At $10,000, the school janitor John Voigt agreed to dye his hair pink. At $12,000, the teachers agreed to let their students put makeup on them in the morning and then go through a whole day that way. At $15,000, teacher Amy Strasser agreed to have her head shaved. Fortunately for Strasser, the students raised fell short of that target, raising just over $12,000.

Plans began in April for the annual fall fundraiser that all Catholic schools do. Most schools do a workathon. Holy Cross does a walkathon where they stop many times along the way to say prayers for those who submit requests. It's a day of praying for friends and neighbors, and for those individuals, families and businesses who donated money toward their goal.

"I'm proud of the teachers for coming up with these ideas," said principal Moran. It was their idea to go up on the roof; apparently someone back East had done something similar.

"I'm very proud of the students for rising to the challenge."

She mentioned several times that the whole feat would not have been possible without the Krippner family and Krippner Trucking and Excavating. They brought over equipment and helpers who brought her up onto the roof (see photo below) and also got her down safely for breaks several times throughout the day.

"This wouldn't have happened without the Krippners," she said.

Holy Cross School is a Catholic school located near Pearl Lake in the town of Marty. They serve students in grades pre-K through 6.