Tricounty News

Cross Country at Annandale and New London-Spicer

By Terry Nelson

Annandale Invitational

The Cross Country team competed in the Annandale Invitational meet Monday Sept. 13, at the Whispering Pines Golf Course.

Coach Holly Hansen said "Sunny and warm, two conditions we are not accustomed to this season."

The girls' varsity placed fourth as a team. The individual girls' varsity finishers were Molly Hesse 15thÐ17:50, Renee Berg 20thÐ18:05, Raelyn Callander 22ndÐ18:13, Samantha Stuve 29thÐ19:37, Kayla Overland 38thÐ21:04, Jennifer Notch 42ndÐ21:33, and Erin Dingmann 44thÐ22:14.

The girls' junior varsity took second place. The individual JV finishers were Kelsey Libbesmeier 10thÐ21:25, Nicole Orth 15thÐ22:45, Megan Libbesmeier 21stÐ24:13, Olivia Fischer 23rdÐ24:37, Brooke Merten 24thÐ24:40, Jaren Thell 25thÐ24:41, McKenzie Libbesmeier 26thÐ24:57, and Janessa Dahle 27thÐ25:56.

Brett Mattice placed fifth in a time of 21:13 in the boys' junior varsity race.

The girls' junior high team placed third. The individual finishers were Brooke Winter fourthÐ8:49, Denzel Atherton ninthÐ9:03, Grace Kopitzke 16thÐ9:26, Madison Libbesmeier 17thÐ9:27, Lauren Libbesmeier 18thÐ9:28, and Kaitlyn Truenow 27thÐ10:39.

New London-Spicer Invitational

The Cross Country team competed in the New London-Spicer Invitational meet Thursday Sept. 16.

The teams participating were the same 20 teams that will be in the Section 6A meet Oct. 28. There was a lot of talent and good times posted. As a team, the girls' varsity placed 11th, the JV girls placed third, the junior high girls' and boys' JV teams were incomplete.

The EV-W-K girls' varsity individual finishers were Molly Hesse 29thÐ17:08, Raelyn Callander 36thÐ17:30, Samantha Stuve 60thÐ18:40, Kayla Overland 69thÐ19:20, Brooke Merten 80thÐ23:13, and McKenzie Libbesmeier 81stÐ23:46.

The girls' junior varsity race was supposed to be 4,000 meters, but took a wrong turn and the race was only 2,700 meters, the same as the junior high race. EV-W-K junior varsity finishers were Denzel Atherton 22ndÐ13:57, Lauren Libbesmeier 23rdÐ14:00, Kelsey Libbesmeier 26thÐ14:11, Madison Libbesmeier 28thÐ14:15, Grace Kopitzke 29thÐ14:16, Nicole Orth 33rdÐ14:57, Erin Dingmann 34thÐ14:58, Megan Libbesmeier 39thÐ15:37, Jaren Thell 40thÐ15:44, Janessa Dahle 41stÐ16:07, and Olivia Fischer 43rdÐ16:11.

The girls' junior high finishers were Brooke Winter 3rdÐ12:05, Stephanea Roeser 17thÐ13:38, Maria Roeser 31stÐ15:17.

Brett Mattice placed 24th in a time of 20:55 in the boys' junior varsity meet.

Coach Holly Hansen said "As you can see, there was great competition. Lots of talent on the course. Our girls all took time off, which is the goal. We have a few girls down and out with sinus colds, but I am still happy with the crew of kiddos that ran up a level to work towards a letter. There are many girls that are new to the sport this year and are really getting their feet wet. Once they find their race pace, it will be even more exciting."

Our next meet is our home meet Thursday Sept. 23, at the Kimball Golf Course, starting time 4:15.