Tricounty News

Change is good, even when it's not

"All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works its way out. Imagination is more important than knowledge."

-Albert Einstein

This quote really hits me. I've always been a seeker of knowledge, and have always loved to learn new things (I actually need to keep learning).

But I'm also a thinker. My mind is always spinning on a number of things, some in the now, many in the future. It's just how I'm wired.

I enjoy the challenge of change, most of the time anyway. As humans, we need to evolve and grow, building on successes and learning from failures.

It makes sense that it's all interconnected: thinking, learning, changing, but it starts with imagination.

It would follow, then, that I'm in the perfect place at just the right time: the newspaper in Kimball.

We just witnessed a great example of change that sprang from imagination. Several community members have wanted to steer Homecoming away from destructive acts and back to some of the fun traditions of Homecoming. At least two years of imagining, thinking, and planning led to the snake dance and bonfire that followed coronation this year.

It's good to give new things a try, especially when they're old things that worked well once. (And next year it will be even better.)

We've got some changes brewing here at the Tri-County News too. Some have been in the imagination stage for a long time, others are just starting to brew. Some will be obvious, others subtle. But it's all good, all to make things better.

It's far too easy, working so many hours, to get lost in the now. I just spent two days going over the newspapers we put out this past year. It was an interesting journey, and there were many good things I'd already forgotten about. It happens. So the refresher was welcome. And just in time for our leap into some future projects and, dare I say it, changes to come.