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Harvest extra row for Senior Dining

Catholic Charities Senior Dining would like to ask you to "harvest an extra row." If you have grown more fruits and vegetables than you can use, we would like to share the product of your hard work with seniors in our program. Please bring them to your local Senior Dining program and seniors will be able to enjoy the delicious taste of garden-fresh food.

Last year, 93 percent of all diners said they eat a healthier variety of foods as a result of our program. Is there anything better than to taste an apple that has just been picked, or a carrot that was just uprooted from the ground? Homegrown fruits and vegetables have that unique taste that is difficult to find in the store.

When you donate your fresh food to us, we also extend an invitation to you to enjoy the meal. Senior Dining is offered to people who are age 60 and older. Not only will you receive a delicious and well-balanced meal, but you will have the satisfaction of visiting with others from your community.

To find the closest location to you, please call (320) 229-4584, or visit us on the Web at www.ccst We look forward to being able to serve your home-grown produce. Kimball Senior Dining number is 398-2211.